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Saturday, May 9, 2009

100th Post: Food, Taylor Lautner, Locations, and Retards.

Rachelle takes Dakota out shopping and for lunch.

The New Moon cast dines with David Slade. So that's why he was flying in.

Cameron Bright, Stephenie Meyer, and Robert Pattinson were at Radaronline's Blue Water Grill.

Taylor Lautner-
Somebody lives in Jacob's house. A divorcee lives in the house that is Jacob's in the Twi-movies. Lucky.

Has anybody seen Taylor Lautner lately? The poor boy needs some down time. His lanky sixteen-year-old body isn'tup for all this constant werewolf action. He looks like me in the morning. And that's saying something. He's probably excited that there's only about 120 days left of filming. Maybe. Dude, between being the son, and goingwith girls, and school, and having a job...the boy is a multitasker.Speaking of Taylor Lautner, when I was babysitting earlier, me charge was watching, 'The Adventure of Shark Boy and Lava Girl,' and I actually watched it. Usually I'll flip right by it saying, "Hey, Taylor Lautner is in that movie," but this time I actually watched it. And for that reason alone: Taylor Lautner is in that movie.I wonder if he realizes how popular he is with about every crowd of audience. (ecspecially this one, right here)

I guess Vancouver was a good choice in location. I've been checking out the weather the past few days...comparingForks-the location in the book, ...- the many places they filmed last time, and Vancouver- where they're filmingnow. And the degree difference has never gone about six, and barely ever got that differentiated. And like, 80% ofthe time the weather was the same. Sometimes it would be cloudy some place and rainy the other, but they did prettygood.

Mellisa Rosenberger. Yes, the script writer who ruined are movies. She was glowing and is obiously thrilled withDavid Slade chosen as Eclipse director. That either means that he's going to make something terrible awesome, orsomething that's already terrible, worse.

Happy 100th Post!
Peace Love Twilight

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