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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chaske Spencer's Charity Work

I think charity work is so sweet, and it's nice to see those people that are jacked up with cash up to their eyeballs to do whatever they can to help others less fourutnate than them.
We saw an article a few days back that recongnized a few Twilight stars--including Michael Welch, Christian Serratos, Peter Facinellie, Ashley Greene, and Kellan Lutz--for their inspiring will to change someone's life. But one Twilight star we haven't honored is Chaske Spencer:

And the hits just keep on coming! As we were
putting that story to bed, I got a shout from
star Chaske Spencer, who was
hoping to bring some attention to his own recent efforts. Naturally, we’re happy
to report that more good is going on out there courtesy Sam Uley — and it
doesn’t even involve
taking his shirt off.
"I had such a great time!” Spencer told us about his time spent helping, the same
youth-empowering charity organization that recently landed
Ashley Greene as its
spokesperson. “Being able to spend the day with young people and giving back
means so much to me.”
Earlier this month, the Wolf Pack member joined
Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Ciara at the 2nd Annual Staples/DoSomething 101
National School Supply Drive in NYC. They helped fill up 5,000 bags with
notebooks, calculators, binders and other back-to-school supplies, which will be
donated to needy students for the upcoming school year — a cause with which many
Twilighters can certainly sympathize.
“I feel like giving back is in my
blood,” Chaske explained of his involvement. “I remember my dad, who coached
football, would buy some of his players football shoes when they couldn’t afford
“It taught me how important it is to do whatever you can to help
others,” he added.

Read the rest here.
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