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Saturday, August 22, 2009

So Far Only 4 Twilight Movies

I personally, think this is good news that as far as we know there will only be four Twilight movies.

Twilight fans will be disappointed to learn that there
will NOT be a fifth movie in the Twilight series. Yet. Sources tell that “It is absolutely not true,” that the fourth
Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies, denying fans another chance to see
their beloved Edward on the big screen.The newest addition to the Twilight
family, Boo Boo Stewart, told Access Hollywood that he was signed on for three
more movies (if you’re counting that means
Eclipse, Breaking Dawn and an unnamed third) but our source insists that
this is not the case…AT THIS POINT! So we’re going to hold our vampire breath,
hopefully not for long, and keep our fingers crossed that the Breaking Dawn
screenplay turns into two vampire movies.We think there is one couple that would
like to have their time together continued. RPattz and KStew are enjoying time
together when not filming,
as they were caught smooching at the
Kings of Leon concert in Vancouver on Sunday
.The rest of the cast are spending free time in Vancouver doing
what everyone else does in their downtime,
shopping and working out.

Peace Love Twilight

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