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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates: Insights Into New Moon

This is an update from two days ago:

Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were interviewed at MTV and here's a little snippet of what they shared:

MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene
that you read either in Stephenie Meyer's book or in Melissa Rosenberg's
screenplay that you were like, "Man, that's going to be tough to pull off," and
tell us how you were able to figure it out.
Stewart: "New Moon" is riddled
with all of that. I think it's the one book in the series that I was intimidated
by — in a good way. That's the best feeling to start a movie with. But probably,
my favorite line in the book is when I have to say to [Jacob], "It's him; it's
always been him!" Like, I have to say that. Yeah, it killed me, it killed me.

MTV: It was a tough day to shoot?
Yeah, and just like everything in our movie, it's such a heightened version of
reality. It's like, people don't just break up [in the "Twilight" films] — they
break up and it literally kills you. It's not like you just say, "Oh, I'm really
depressed and crying." Everything is supposed to be a fantasy version of that.
So I always had a really hard time figuring out, "Am I doing enough? Do I look
like I'm going to die?"

MTV: Yeah, it would be tough to be the most
dramatic person in the world, but without being cheesy. And Taylor?
["New Moon"] is very complicated. There's a lot of heartbreak, there's a lot of
things going on. Edward leaves at the beginning, she goes into this depression,
I come to try and bring her out of it. Then I go through my own issues, and then
she leaves me. It's all over the place, and there's a lot going on, and there's
many of those scenes that you described.

MTV: Which was your favorite to shoot?
My favorite one was — well, we call it the breakup scene — but it's the scene
right after she sees me shirtless and I've cut off my hair, all different for
the first time. I have to tell her that we can't be friends anymore.
Stewart: He attempts to break up with me — but it doesn't work

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