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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Q&A's With RobstenLovers

The Miami Books Examiner, AKA The Danger Magnet author, interviewed the main bloggers on Robsten Lovers. Here's a snippet from the interview:

Q. Name three words that describe you.
E: Tidy, stressed, and loving.
K: Passionate, determined, and loyal.
M: Devoted, caring, and fun.

Q. What inspired you to create your own Twilight site?
E: I needed a creative outlet to channel my Rob obsession, and because my husband wasn't into wearing a peacoat and slacks.
K: Honestly? I know I might get some bad press for saying this but I was a very loyal fan of one of the most popular Twi-sites and noticed she started not blogging on the weekends… I was missing the news so much on the weekends I started looking for it myself and emailing my bestie E…we realized there was a need for a good Weekend Newz including Twi Blog!!! E and I met at our kids’ speech sessions and bonded over the love of Twilight…we are both the kind of moms who are in survival mode and having this blog gives us one thing that is just for us!!! After we got going and we realized how much time and money it took, we needed help…and real life happened (I had surgery, went on vacate, and my grandpa died) By that point, we had a lot of readers and didn’t want to disappoint them so M started blogging with us…she has been a lifesaver!
M: I kind of fell into it! When the opportunity surfaced to be a guest blogger at Robsten Lovers I figured why not. I had never done a blog before in my life, but I’m a quick learner so I figured I would give it a try. I never imagined I would love doing this as much as I do! It turns out I found a way to satisfy my Twi-Cravings and meet a ton of great people who feel the same way I do! I also have to say that the blog has given me a voice! It’s provided a way for me to share my Twi-Love with others. Isn’t that the purpose of a blog? Teaming up with –K and E- has been a dream come true and we have become our own little family! We all want the same things for the blog, and it shows in the way we maintain and include our followers! Our site recognizes ever person out there who has something to say, and we want everyone to have an outlet to express themselves and their love for Twilight! Just consider us free therapy!

Q . What advice do you have for those who want to create their own Twilight site/blog?
E: Know what you are getting yourself into. It will rule your life. LOL!
K: You can do anything you put your mind too! I was just a closet Twilight Fan that skimmed the books and secretly crushed RPatz and Kristen too, and Ashley for that matter…I had no idea how to Twitter let alone Blog!!! Since I have met E, we started our own blog/twitter/facebook and have had almost 85,000 hits, been offered ads for our site, made contact with tons of Twi-fans all over the country and gotten to giveaway lots of fun merch (I feel like Oprah in my own way…it is so fun to give things away!!!), been to the MTV Movie Awards (RPATZ is just as dreamy in real life and Kristen is just as beautiful and awkward), E met Peter Facinelli, I got Kellan’s Lutz’s autograph, now we’re heading to Comic Con…it’s been quite a ride!!!
M: Just be yourself! The purpose of a blog is to share your passions and thoughts with others who may or may not feel the same way! You can’t take everything too personal, but at the same time you need to feel comfortable putting yourself out there to be judged! Finding a way to channel your feelings, and in my case my OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder) has been amazing! There is nothing better than reading the comments others have wrote about something you shared!

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a Twilight fan over the age of 13?
E: Pro-You can act like a teenager squealing over a heartthrob again. Con- The checkout lady gives you the stink eye when you let out a squeal while buying every crap mag with a pic of Rob on the cover.
K: Pro-You can read sexy fanfic that talks about what really happens on Isle Eme and after Bella has been changed…it will really get things going for you if you were on a dry spell!!!Cons-I haven’t found a way to talk about my blog without seeming like a crazy cyber stalker…also I am worried about the crazy fans and Robert Pattinson. The character Edward Cullen is amazing but Robert is more amazing as a humble person who is a very talented musician. I hate the thought of him being hurt over his fame. I really struggle with some aspects of the blog because I don’t want to contribute to the stalking of these young stars…Paparazzi are crazy and even dangerous and I hate that the stars are hounded so much. Once I saw a video of Kristen driving with Dakota Fanning in the car with all of these flashbulbs and it looked so scary—I wanted to quit the blog that day. E always reminds me, “People will get the information somewhere.” So this is how I justify….we don’t bash on our site and we don’t post disgusting videos. We don’t support attacks on the stars, and we stay away from over promoting these types of articles. That’s what makes us Robsten Lovers! We are Lovers, not fighters!
M: Pros- Experience and self control! Given the opportunity to meet the cast, I know I won’t tackle, harm, or scare any of them! Oh, and I just have to say it... Although it’s just a fantasy, at least I know I’d have a much better chance with Rob because I’m of age! LOL! (Sorry tweenies, you’ve read the books, you know Edward loves his mountain lions (aka Cougars!) G-r-r-r-r baby!) Cons- It is harder to openly express your excitement without being viewed as crazy! You should see the funny looks you get when you wear a Team Edward shirt to a PTA meeting! LOL!

Read the rest here.
Peace Love Twilight

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