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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lee Safar: The New Twilight Musician?

Female artise Lee Safar (above)
Muse is very well known to many teenagers as the 'twilight band' but could this new artist be the 'twilight musician?' I personally like her a lot as an artist, and I think she has the right vibe to be involved in the Twilight films. Here's a snippet of an interview with her:

Q. Back in July, when you were interviewed by MTV, you discussed your two songs in consideration for the New Moon soundtrack. Any developments there?
A. At the moment all I can share with you is that my attorney has met with Summit and we are waiting to hear a decision.

Q. Have you noticed a trend in fan responses since then?
A. I have the best fans in the world. I have a lot of time for my fans and make sure that I spend a lot of time talking with them online and at gigs. New fans that have come from the Twilight community have been wonderful and from all over the globe- Italy, Brazil, USA, Australia, Germany, Spain, UK, Russia and so many more place. I am truly blessed to be connecting with so many people and being inspired by their stories of how they are turning around their lives around to make their dreams happen!

Q. What’s your favorite thing about being a Twilight fan?
A. My favourite thing about being a Twilight fan is the universal connection there seems to be within the Twilight community. Don't get me wrong, there are many conflicting opinions amongst some fans about various things, like the soundtrack LOL, but I think that that is healthy in any community. It's what helps a community evolve.

Q. If you don’t make the New Moon soundtrack, would you give it another go for Eclipse? If so, are there any pieces of your music that you think fit in with the story of Eclipse? Breaking Dawn?
A. Because I'm such a fan, I'd totally give more music to Summit if I thought it would do the movie justice....isn't that what we all want as twifans. The reason that I am so passionate about 'I'm Here' for New Moon is because I sincerely believe that it would be amazing in that movie and that it fits perfectly- on so many levels. If it didn't I wouldn't bother because like all the other twifans, I want the movie to be the best it can possibly be.
'Take Me Away' is a song that is perfect for Jacob and would be as perfect for him in Eclipse as it would be in New Moon because he's still experiencing a lot of the same themes of loss, confusion, and anger in Eclipse as he did in Breaking Dawn. Another of my songs that would work perfectly in Eclipse is 'Who I've Become'. Both songs were written well before I had even heard of Twilight. You can hear the songs on my MySpace page ( or on iTunes.

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Source: Examiner
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