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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Updates: Robsten Rumors

Although there have been no public statements yet (we
are waiting on pins and needles though becasue we predict it's loomin!!!), after
KStew and RPattz' "cozy" Kings of Leon concert "date," it seems Kristen and longtime boyfriend Michael Angarano are
definitely over. The two, who met in 2004 on the set of Sundance film "Speak,"
and later started dating, were spotted in Vancouver near the
set in April, but since then it
has been a summer of Bella and Edward. Kristen even joked to
USA Today in April that she thought it would make the "Twilight" fans happy
and her more popular if she dated Rob.It looks like Mikey is getting cast aside
like Jacob in this scenario, but don't feel too bad for Brooklyn boy yet. We
doubt the 21-year-old indie star of movies like "Lords of Dogtown" (which, oddly
enough, happened to be directed by
Catherine Hardwicke and
Nikki Reed) and "Snow
Angels" will be lonely for too long. He has a new movie, "Gentlemen Broncos"
(don't miss the
trailer for that comedy),
opening at the end of October and he will be starring in Jason Reitman's
"Ceremony." Until then, you can get your fill of Michael — and check out more
photos of him and his maybe-ex — by clicking on the photo below. Just be sure to
keep an eye on who Kristen shows up to the VMAs with this year! (VMAs comming up
soon...will this be their public debut? Squeeee!)

Peace Love Twilight

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