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Thursday, August 20, 2009

"I Heart Mythical Creatures" Too!

Well, just because I thought it was kind of a cool interview, here you go:
I heart mythical
is a multimedia experience for
Twilight fans. Weekly features on her site include "Song of the Week," in which
"DJ E.C." (Edward Cullen, we may presume?) showcases such artists as
Paramore, and another popular feature is "Friday Funniez," a weekly round-up of the most hilarious
pictures and videos
which are sometimes
straight from "Twilight" or at least related to the cast in some way. Whether
it's through picture, song, video, or simply her own witty writing style,
blogger KG is always sure to entertain her readers.

Q. Because it needs to be asked: Team Edward or
Team Jacob?

A. For Bella, I am straight up Team Edward. But, I
like to consider myself Team Switzerland....cause I want them both for

Q. OK, now that that's out of the way, on to
the rest of the questions. What is your favorite moment(s) in the Twilight

A. I have a ton of favorites, but one of my
favorite parts that I tend to read over and over is the end of New Moon. I just
love everything that happens in Italy and after that.

Q. What is your favorite book in the Twilight
Saga and why?

A. It's hard for me to choose because I love each
book for different reasons. If I have to pick a favorite I would say Breaking
Dawn. I know, I might get a book thrown at my head for saying that, but I truly
enjoyed Breaking Dawn. The story has so much going on, it was interesting and
kept me entertained. Jacob's chapter's cracked me up and in the end I am a total
sucker for happily ever afters. I love the end when Bella is finally able to let
Edward into her mind, that was beautiful.

Q. If you could ask any question of Stephenie
Meyer, what would it be?

A. Do I need to beg on my hands and knees for you
to finish Midnight Sun? (I am not above begging.)

Q. Of all of the vampire abilities, which would
you like to possess and why?

A. Mind Reading. That would be awesome to be able
to hear everyone's thoughts. I don't know how long I would think it was cool
before it got annoying, but it's cool nonetheless. Although, not having to sleep
would be wonderful too.

Q. Name three words that describe

A. Silly, outgoing, random.

Q. What inspired you to create your own
Twilight site?

A. My husband was about to murder me. Really, I
could not shut up about Twilight and he was on the verge. So I created 'I Heart
Mythical Creatures', a place where I could safely and obsessively talk about
twilight without being killed or committed. I wasn't really thinking anyone
would actually follow my nonesense. Before I created 'I Heart', I had been
following sites like
Letters to Twilight, Lauren's Bite, TwiCrack, and The
Danger Magnet
. It was a relief to find
other women who were just as enthralled by Twilight as I was, and who were
hilarious, and smart, and overall amazing! I really decided I wanted a blog of
my own, so my friends and family could talk about twilight with me, and so
Twilight wouldn't completely take over my personal family blog.

Q. What advice do you have for those who want
to create their own Twilight site/blog?

A. Be yourself. Don't sit and worry about being a
"copycat". We are all blogging about the same thing, and a lot of us are going
to be thinking and writing about the same stuff. The fun part is expressing how
you feel about Twilight in your own way and how it affects your life. Everyone
is different. Blog about what you want to blog, don't worry about what others

Q. What are the pros and cons of being a
Twilight fan over the age of 13?

A. Pros...Meeting all the AMAZING bloggers. I love
being a part of the Twilight community. I have some of the best blogging buddies
EVER. I love being able to talk about every facet of Twilight with people who
love it just as much as me. Plus, it's hilarious running around taking pictures
of a plastic vampire doll. Seriously, I have more pictures of E.C. than I do of
my family...should that be a Pro or a Con? Pro for me, Con for family.
Cons...All my friends and family think I am nuts. I mean, I was never really
normal to begin with, but twilight has definitely enhanced the nutcase factor.
Truly, I run around with a plastic doll that I talk about and to as if he is
real. Wait, he is real...isn't he?

Q. Do you feel that the advertising campaign
for the Twilight books and films adequately represents the older fan-base? Why
or why not?

A. Seeing as I live
somewhere that didn't even get Twilight in the theater til December, I don't
know much about how they have been advertised. I didn't even know Twilight
existed until the movie came out. Thank goodness for
iTunes, and the free
Twilight clip they were pimpin', which became 2 minutes of pure crack while I
waited for it to reach our theater. When it comes to merchandise, it's only
obvious that
Hot Topic would be the
"mothership" of all things twi-merch, and that's fine by me. Then again, I don't
live in a town where there is a
Hot Topic for me to even be ashamed to lurk in. I am pretty sheltered out
here in the middle of nowhere. Twilight is my link to the rest of the world.

Source: Examiner
Peace Love Twilight

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