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Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Moon Special Effects

I have a new appreication for Chris Weitz and all he has done. Simply, as an obsessed Twilight fan, I would put it like this: "I could care less how hard it is for you! Just get Bella and Edward on that damn screen in time! Or earlier..." Well, at least I did before I got to know him ;-). But after reading this, I really have a new apprection for all he does, how hard he works, and how dedicated he must be to the perfection of this film.

In New Moon, there are 450 visual effects to complete.
From transforming werewolves to Edward’s warning to Bella about the friends she
is making with some shady biker kind of folks. For this particular scene, Edward
is shot against a green screen, much like the kind your local weather reporter
uses to tell how about how much rain to expect that night. Unlike the nightly
news, Edward’s appearance to Bella must be perfect in every way. It is all right
if we see the green screen outline around the weather reporter, it is a whole
other case with suspending our belief that Bella is actually seeing Edward as a
vision. Twilight fans demand perfection.
In this situation, Bella’s scene was
shot weeks earlier and now Edward must be placed into the scene seamlessly. This
means Mr. Pattinson must be in the perfect position, with the exact same
lighting and the exact same camera angle as was used with Ms. Stewart. Every
mathematical equation is used and computer controlled cameras are used to ensure
that is exactly what happens.
Then the Visual Effects Department must marry
the two (the two shots, not the two characters) into perfect alignment, erasing
the entire green screen and placing Edward in Bella’s arms. To match this shot
will take about 15 days of hard work from both cast and crew and, in the final
film, will only have about 5 minutes of screen time.

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Source: Examiner
Peace Love Twilight

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