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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breaking Dawn Complications

So what's keeping Summit from planning a date for Breaking Dawn? Here are a list of possible reasons/complications:

1. They have to have a wedding scene
2. They have to have a few scene on (or at a place that looks like) an island
3. Still has to have werewolf morphing
4. They have to put 800 pages into a movie under 3 hours
5. They have to get a script written
6. They have to get all the necessary stars to sign the necessary contracts for this movie
7. A lot of characters, new and old, human or otherwise, will be needed
8. They need a beautiful baby that has teeth and doesn't cry
9. They need many young (from 1 month-to 6 years) actresses that look extremly similar
10. They have to transform the main character into a vampire

I guess it's not as easy as it sounds at first.
Peace Love Twilight

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  1. I agree that Breaking Dawn will be the most difficult of the books to transform into a movie. If done right I think it will be the most exciting. There's no possible way to take this book and make one movie without disappointing just about every fan of the series. They will most certianly have to break this up into two films, which in itself creates additional complications(where to break it up, shoot back to back or wait, length of time between each release). I also think Rating is another big complication. What was missing from the first three books is front and center in the final one: Sex. Also the birth scene is very brutal and bloody. While the fans of this books span all ages, there is no denying the size of the under 17 year old fan base. Summit must stay as true the book as possible while staying as far away from an R rating as possible.
    Great Blog, btw!