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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chris Weitz: Back For BD?

This guy is very honest and I respect him for that. Even though I have not seen New Moon, I do want him to direct Breaking Dawn...even though "the proof is in the pudding." What I have seen of the "pudding," it's looking pretty good.

Coventry Telegraph:I REPORTED earlier that a director had not yet been named for Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final film in the Twilight series.
Ashley Greene, who plays vampire Alice Cullen, believed none of the previous directors would be able to be involved.
So I looked at
several of the filmmakers suggested by fans online for the fourth film.
Chris Weitz, who's directing upcoming second film New Moon, has now spoken about whether it's possible to turn Breaking Dawn into a movie and if he would take it on.
At present, Breaking Dawn is still unconfirmed by the studio. Some have even said it may not get made because of its controversial storylines and extensive visual FX requirements.
So is it possible to bring Stephenie Meyer's final story to the big screen?
Weitz told
Rotten Tomatoes: "It's a tough one. it's a hard one, because the series gets more and more ambitious as it goes along", then he added: "Yes, it's doable; anything is doable."
And he responded to suggestions that he might return to the franchise to direct Breaking Dawn after David Slade steps in for the third film, Eclipse.
"I'd certainly consider it", he said, but added: "By the time [Eclipse] comes out they'll probably want [David Slade] to direct Breaking Dawn, not me."
"I think it's really charming that, not having seen New Moon, people would be enthusiastic about me wanting to do Breaking Dawn.
"I think the proof is in the pudding, and they should see New Moon before they decide if they want me to do anything else to do with their series. But I would hope to earn that kind of rumour."
Weitz admitted that no discussions about the fourth film had taken place.
He said: "I haven't really spoken with Summit about that; all I knew was that I was going to be too tired to do Eclipse, and that it was better that somebody else take it over as well so that they could put their own imprint on it.
"Also, the way the films are being shot [in rapid succession] would have precluded it anyway."

Peace Love Twilight

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