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Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey, it's Gina!

HEEY! My name is Gina (Team Switzerland) and I am going to be guest blogging here at Twilighter's Blog! Im a close friend to Miss P.T. (Princess Twilight, duh!) and she has interviewed me and asked me to blog along side her! Actually, I live right across the street from her! Like I said, she has interviewed me and asked me more than several Twilight questions for this blog right here. I've helped her design this page and the banner as well. Not only will I be blogging about our beloved Twilight Saga, I will also be blogging about other vampire series and giving reviews. Im kinda (majorly) a book worm, that's my label, and I have gotten myself into other vampire books series, and I blame Twilight for my new addiction of vampire books (but thats not much of a bad thing, right?) Anyways, we decided it would be a good idea to give reviews on other series to see what other kind of vampire sagas are available. Are they alike with Twilight? Are they a lot different from Twilight? Will Twilight fans enjoy it? Or will they despise it? We've got the answers. Now that I've introduced myself, I will be blogging soon of a very good vampire series. Got any questions? Email me at

This girl is a crazy bookworm! And one of my best friends! Glad to have you aboard this Twilight Obsession Blogway! LYLAS! -PT

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