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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part 10: 100 Reasons Twilight Will Save The World

91. When you realize everything in this video is so true

92. You realize you totally are offended when anyone says anything like this to you.

93. You watch all of these clips everyday.

94. You totally cracked up while watching this video.

95. Twilight allows you to be so care-free when watching those videos, and just put yourself
in those videos and that atmosphere so easily.
96. In all these videos you're just watching the chemistry change as time goes on.

97. You find yourself wishing for perfect relationships like this all the time.

98 You read posts like this all the time and start wondering yourself.
99. Twilight will change the world because people sit down and take time out of their everyday
life for enjoyment. Which is very hard in this economy.
100. Because Twilight allows a fantasy world among serious business and a troubled economy
almost as bad as the times during the great depression.

I wish for Robsten and happiness threw Twilight!
I hope you have enjoyed my attemp at 100 posts in a to you soon!
Peace Love Twilight

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