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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Part 9: 100 Reasons Twilight Will Save The World

Curtosy of Team Switzerland:

81. It allows you to get through awkward silences--with your friend, fiancee, little girl, etc--by
bringing up Twilight.
82. It means instead of listening to the Jonas Brothers blasting from your nine-year-old's room
you're listening to the Twilight Album-yay!
83. Instead of Hannah Montana's annoying voice on the television set in the afternoon, you hear
new news on E! News.
84. Instead of your little girl asking for some new program or Barbie doll online, she asks for you
to sign her into blogger--or find her a good picture of Robert Pattinson
85. It makes your girl's vocabulary so far advanced from anyone else her age--cause you're the
cool mom that lets her read Twilight before she's thirteen
86. It gives you new grounding threats--"I'll take away your Twilight books!" "...your Twilight
Album!" "...your seven Twilight shirts" or the all dreaded, "I'll take away your Edward
87. It allows you to get the awkward talks over at an early age without saying much--the period
talk, the sex talk, etc.
89. Instead of having to go over the whole Cinderella isn't real, you go over the vampires aren't
real talk (which I think is always fun!)
90. Your little girl doesn't cry during thunder storms! (though she does go running out into the
woods behind your house yelling, "Edward!" which means you can never leave her alone
during storms)

Peace Love Twilight

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