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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction, everyone does it for your fix. And can you guess what are fix is here? Twilight, duh. My other blog, Twilight On, is my story of Bella continuing after Breaking Dawn. It is as if the series is still continuing. My is very much like the books. Others try silly stuff, and others just use the characters in different stories, some make it different all together, and others like me make it classical. TWITARDED tried their own version of it here and continuing here. The Twilight Sisterhood has people send in their own fan fiction. Here is a story that was featured on the Twilight Sisterhood called, 'Just One Of The Guys.' And here is another that was featured called, 'The Screamers.' 'Voice In My Head,' is another that was featured at the Twilight Sisterhood.

Okay, The Twilight Sisterhood has inspired mLinke. Every Friday we will have New Moon audio book parts here, and now officially every Saturday I will feature some amount of fan fiction. If you have some that you would like to have featured, email it to me at

Happy twi-writing/reading!

Peace Love Twilight

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