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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Could've Told You All Of This...But I Didn't

Do you guys really want to read a post you've read everywhere? Like today I could've posted about Robert Pattinson using an umbrella to shield himself from crazy fans like the one blonde. Or I could've posted about Joan Jett and Kristen Stewar being together for the new version of, 'The Runaways.' Or I could've posted a blog that tells you all about the crazy people who mobbed Rob. Or I could've told you that an NYC student bumped into Rob at an airport and didn't go crazy--and I could've shown you the picture too. Or I could've shown you a picture of Rob's loved on the set of, 'Remember Me,' and I could've made a joke about how gorgeous she is, even though I'm only jealous on the inside. Or I could've shown you pictures of Taylor in a tux--what the big deal, I think he looks better shirtless. I also could've talked to you about Alice's complelty wardrobe in New Moon and could've acted like I found that interesting. I also could've told you that Rob won in the most handsome man poll--and I could've added with 50% more votes. I also could've told you I agreed with ROBsessed on that he's not only the hottest man in the world, but also in Mars, Jupiter, and all that other crap out there. I also could've given you 10 recipes that have something to do with Twilight, and I didn't. Or I could've given you 8 different videos of Remember Me stuff even though they're all really the same and I'm not interested. Or I could've given you MTV's opinion of how they think Pattinson is picture prefetc--even though we all already knew that. I also could've talked about Peter's Twitter challenge which I am honestly interested in. Or I could've told you about Rob and coffee. But no, I'm just using sarcasm towards it all. I didn't tell you any of that stuff.
I could say it's because I just didn't want to...but that you be lying because the real reason is that pile of dishes in corner just got to me. That would be a little white lie to, because even though I am going to do the dishes, I was going to make sure I posted this first.

Peace Love Twilight

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