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Friday, June 19, 2009

Tweet! Tweet Like You've Never Tweeted Before!

You have until the end of the day to follow Peter on Twitter and get others to join too! This is also your last chance to be Twittered by Peter himself and possibly win some memoribilia! So get up and follow Peter here.

Gil B. is having his own Twitter competition. If he can get 10o,000 followers he'll put on one of those teeny weeny Speedo things. Last day, follow him here.

If you are not on Twitter, it is a great social network, and I believe it is much safer and much more secure than the popular MySpace and Facebook. Someone ask me which I prefer and why, I like Facebook because it's simple, safe, and I haven't heard NEARLY as much gossip rumors about it as I have about MySpace. I've considered getting a MySpace...but only because all my friends have one. I never join anything unless I've done the research on it, so that's why I can never be sure of Facebook Or MySpace--especially MySpace.

Peace Love Twilight

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