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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stars Off The Hook, Directors On

Besides haircuts (which Michael Sheen got), and besides 17-year-old boys looking totally hot in a suit (Taylor Lautner), and besides two Joan Jetts of the same (Kristen Stewart) there's not much going on. But, what does this all relate to that we know and love? Twilight, of course. This is one of those times where our stars just aren't doing anything interesting. However, suprisingly, my posts are usually longer on times like this. The Twi-stars have to take advantage of this time where we don't bug them, they get about 3 days every two months. I think most of the pressure has shifting--for now--from the Twilight stars to the Twilight directors (Chris Weitz and David Slade). Chris Weitz is pressured because all the fans are counting on him to make a darned good New Moon movie...and I think we're thinking that is because the majority of fans didn't like New Moon, so we're counting and hoping for the movie to be better. I personally think it will be because we don't have to sit down and read it for 8 hours absorbing the pain...we just have to sit down and watch sadness on a screen for 2 hours. Which sounds better to you? Now, David Slade because he's getting close to being responsible for the book that got us past the missouri of New Moon--Eclipse. What I believe worries about him for our Twilight Saga is two reasons. Catherine Hardwicke we worried about because:
A) Her attitude might make the movie more tight than it should be
Chris Weitz we worried about:
A) Because he's a guy and might not get the girly edge to the Twilight Saga
B) Because he is a major in animation and might make something that seems real, fake
We're worrying about David Slade now because:
A) He's a 40-year-old dude, and they don't tend to 'love' Twilight things
B) He's also a guy
C) He majors in vampire battles and might make ours too evil
D) Because Chris Weitz made animated wolves, the battles might be hard for him, and he might mess up the whole thing
So, the pressure is now on the directors. Now more the stars. Take a break.

Peace Love Twilight

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