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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not All Fans Are Freaking Ridiculous And Retarded!

Original News Date: June 15th (2 days ago)

Okay, ROBsessed makes a good point, most Robert Pattinson fans are almost normal…at least so we thought. But once we say the wildly and insanely out of control fans who tried mob Rob (still not getting over that rhyme) some of us thought I again. I personally feel that the situation that this overly-obsessed fan has bestowed on the fan-base in unfair. ROBsessed is also right in saying Rob is a normal guy doing his normal job…except his job makes him millions and girls from the ages of 10-50 are swooning over him. He has a big responsibility and we’re not making it any easier. I’m glad to see that we also have normal fans who are supporting and uplifting our fan base from it’s falling reputation. Here is how a calm fans describes her lucky encounter with Rob Pattinson.

I totally agree with all the comments made about the lack of respect that was shown to Rob yesterday while filming. I am an NYU student and I was there before I had to go to one of my classes, and the pandemonium was even more intense that the pictures or video make it out to be. I am a fan of Rob myself, but I understand that he is WORKING and isn't some circus side show for people to oogle at. I stayed behind the barricades and watched from where the producers told us to. But some of those girls, and I did see the "girls" that made it into the video, were relentless. Every time that he was minutely unprotected they rushed him to try and get autographs and pictures. It was disgusting.When it was time for me to go to class I walked into the building where most of NYU's classrooms are and just happened to see Rob standing by the elevators apparently trying to escape the craziness outside. (They were also using the building for other movie purposes as well) I approached him very nicely and ASKED him if I could take a picture with him and he was more than nice. He asked me if I went to school at NYU and told him I was actually on my way to class. I commented on the hysteria outside and he laughed. So I hope that I was able to show him that not all fans are as batsh-t crazy as the ones that were mobbing him.

Rob is such a nice guy. He seems so sweet, shy, and down to earth. Not just a really popular millionaire. I don’t know how Kristen could not want a piece of that. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rob is in the right place: he knows when to stop, when to start, when to lay low, and when to be bold. He also knows how to dodge rumors and gossip that’s true and the other 90% that’s not true. This young actor is where he needs to be.

Sources: ROBsessed and TwiCrack
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