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Monday, June 29, 2009

Robert and Kristen

I've shared my theory on their relationship and my theory has yet to fail me: Kristen and Rob love each other, it's just that she feels bad because she was with Michael first, and Rob is encouraging to choose one or the other, and she's lonely without Rob and he's texting Kristen alot, and if they do decide to become 'an item' then they probably won't announce until they're done filming Breaking Dawn (even though most of us are wishing for it to be much sooner). Now my sources are magazines, and as much as you'd like to pass them off as crap--which some of them are--they make alot o since, and my other source is what EVERY PERSON on set of EACH MOVIE said about how great and undeniably unique and intense their chemistry is. I think they'll fall for each other all over again after being apart for so long when filming for Eclipse in August rolls around. Once my theory is proved right I will tell off bigger and better sites with a big fat, 'I told you so!'

Peace Love Twilight

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