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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Okay, Here's The Deal

Alright, so obviously I'm spreading the ultimate blogging out a little longer. But here's some upcoming things--not only here--that you need to be watching for.

These Upcoming Posts On My Blog
32. Tweet! Tweet Like You've Never Tweeted Before!
33. RPattz With Coffee, Big Whop
34. Oh Bloody Hell, Do All Britians Say That? I Thought It Was Just Simon Cowell.
35. ROBsessed Is Right: LOL Post!
36. Rememeber Me and The Runaways, GET OVER IT PEOPLE!
37. RPattz Police Escort. Big Whop-Diddie-Doo.
38. Yellow Heads In Twilight. I Hate The Simpsons.
40. Robert Pattinson Month
41. Kristen Stewart Month
42. Edward Cullen Day
43. Bella Swan Day
44. Twilight Day
45. Stephenie Meyer Day
46. Peter Facinelli Day
47. Elizabeth Reaser Day
48. Ashley Greene Day
49. Jackson Rathbone Day
50. Nikki Reed Day
51. Kellan Lutz Day
52. Cullen Family Day

New Blog Segments
1. This Friday: New Moon Audio Book--bring your books and take a load off while you listen and
go through the memories while you read and listen to New Moon again to catch up for the new
2. This Saturday: Fan Fiction Sharing--if you haven't submitted any fan fiction to me at I suggest you get to it! Saturdays, thanks to the inspiration from
the Twilight Sisterhood, I will be sharing a really cool fan fiction. I will post the first chapter--or the
whole thing, depending on how long it is. Fan Fiction are stories that fans right for their thing--
and our thing is Twilight--because we can't get enough.
3. Also This Saturday: Edward Cullen Day--every important Twilight character deserves a day!
Ammuse yourself this Saturday, which will close off the blog posts with Edward Cullen. Anything
from biographies, pictures, letters, anything can be sent to me at
that you would like to have featured here for Edward Cullen day. I hope you enjoy this day, and
we open up all kinds of different celebrations techniques to you!
4. This Sunday: Twilight Star Biographies--this segment is where I will share a biography with you
of anyone who in anyway is related to Twilight. Normally, I'll do this every other week, but since
it's just started I will do one this Sunday and one next Sunday. The one that will be featured this
Sunday, for Edward Cullen Day, is the one the only: Edward Cullen.
5. Also This Sunday: Pledging To Twilighter's Blog--this is where you can pledge to join
Twilighter's blog and be part of many great traditions and be involved in exclusive Twilighter
perks. You will have until July 3rd to pledge. For more info on pledging, email me at
6. 13 Days From Now: Taylor Lautner Month--this is another tradition that will be started July 1st.
We will introduce you to Taylor Lautner Month and what this has to do with pledging (once again
for more pledging info, email me at
7. 15 Days From Now: First Twilighter's Blog Task--if you pledged this is when the first task will
begin. The tasks are kind of different than normal, and you get different things in return. There
are goals to reach as a pledge, and you will want to reach them. A winner will be handpicked at
the end of every month, and will privatley be announced their prize first, and then if and when
they accept, I will announce it to all our fans! (P.S. there will be mini tasks off to the side, like,
whoever gets the most friends to follow me in three days wins, crazy stuff like that.)
8. 18 Days From Now: Second Twilighter's Blog Task--if you pledged this is when the second task
will begin. This is a big one, and you get a big prize. Actually, if you win this, you'll get a part in
something of your choice.
9. COMING SOON!: Review--this is where I will have my fans send in any links to any websites that
they want me to review. I will review the website/blog and will also see if possible to get
interviews with people who run the blog.
10. COMING SOON!: Interviews--this where I will interview friends of mine who will tell me about
their addiction to Twilight. Fans are welcomed to be interviewed, if they so choose, and I will
pick one lucky fan a week to be interviewed.
11. COMING SOON!: People Petition For Twilight--there is two parts to this segment. You can
either, 1) convince as many people as you can to read Twilight and then email me all the
people you got, or 2) convince as many people as you can that Stephenie Meyer needs to
write Midnight Sun and then email me all the people's names you convinced. The goal for the
first is to spread the Twilight fan even further. The goal of the second is pretty obvious, to get
people to read Twilight.
{SNEAK PEEK: One of the upcoming pledge competitions, one of the first five, will include making me a new banner. I will pick the coolest for my blog out of all the ones that were made and put it on my blog. I will give you credit for it, and you might just get to be a part of my blog...:-)}

Be Watching For
1. Be watching for the Twilight magazine which will be available next Friday!
2. Be watching for the opening of the pledging group!
3. Be watching for new segments that I coud add at anytime!
4. Be watching for the 300th post!


p.s. if you ever get any Twilight news at all that you think would be helpful to share, please do and I will be sure to give you credit.:) also, you might get a sneak of where this blog is going and where it will end (yes, I'm already planning that far).

Peace Love Twilight

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