New Moon Countdown

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'll Be Back

Listen, I'll be back later to finish my last 17 posts of the day. BTW, I might have to have a small celebration at the end of this month. What are we celebrating you ask?

1. We're celebrating the beginning of Twilight Celebration month!
2. We're celebrating 100+ posts in a month!
3. We're celebrating 300 posts!
4. We're celebrating the expansion of Twilighter's Blog!
A) The expansion of guest writing
B) The expansion of new ideas
C) The expansion of Twilighter's Blog through new blogs
D) The expansion of Twilighter's Blog to new social networks
E) The expansion of Twilighter's Blog through different blogging networks
5. We're celebrating six months of a continuous blog

There is much to celebrate and I hope you will stick with Twilighter's Blog and help it bring in new audiences. Now, to start off a new tradition, I will sign off of this post and bring together your first New Moon Audio Book segment here on Twilighter's blog. Go get your books and I will post the post once the clock strikes three.

Peace Love Twilight

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