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Monday, June 22, 2009

I Apoligize

I sincerly apologize for not posting Edward Cullen's biography or your fan fiction. I am planning all these new projects and in honor of the Twilighter's Blog, my friends are helping me advertise. I apoligize for not giving you news promptly normally, but now I hope you'll except my sincerist apoligizes in saying that I won't be able to blog very often. I'm trying extremly hard to keep up, but with all these new projects I'm finding it difficult. And pledging to Twilighter's Blog should've have happened two days ago, but didn't. So to pledge do the following:
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You have until July 3rd to pledge, and there won't be opening pledging again until August 20th. Our first pledge on July 6th will be: to create the best Twilight trailer spoof. The winner of the first pledge will get 30 points. The point goal is mainly to get the most points at the end of the month. There will be mini competitions that are pretty private and only people who are really paying attention will get to participate in. The mini competition between the first pledge (July 6th) and the second pledge (July 8th) is to get me the most followers you absolutly can. Write down your friends names that followed my blog, and whoever got the most, will get a bonus 10 points. The second competition is worth 20 points and is where: you will create me a new blog banner.

July 10th we will open up my new blog called, 'RealE FunnE People.' I have been busy setting that up and is a reason why Twilighter's Blog has been a little behind. The blog is going to be about three or four friends that will just write flat-out funny articles. I hope you enjoy it, the URl is,

I have been working on editing my blog to make it more convinent to you and I'm still busy working on that. Because I'm so behind in my blog, I have brought in other writers I have Mandazz and Bella helping me with my blog and hopefully I can get one more.

Here is your Fan Fiction:
Twilight On
By: Princess Twilight
Overview: Twilight On is continuing on from Breaking Dawn and is still told through Bella's perspective unless noted otherwise. It is no way official and has no contact to Stephenie Meyer, but is still a good read.
Part One: Edward's Birthday
Renesmee has continued to grow amazingly over the past few months. She's getting older and smarter everyday. She's smart enough to use the information she has acquired in her little time on this earth, and apply it to her curiosity.She still enjoys showing people things, but Edward and I have been discouraging it. Not that we don't enjoy what she shows. Nor is it that we disapprove of who and what she is. It's just that, at some point, people around Forks, Washington are going to get suspicious and the Cullen clan is going to have to pick up and move on.See, because I think about this very often, I remember seeing the Cullens the very first time through my mortal eyes. I remember seeing them and thinking they were just very fabulous high-schoolers. But, what I didn't know at the time was that go from high-school to high-school to keep up their cover. Which is what most of us think will have to happen. I say most and not all, because Charlie wasn't thrilled with the fact that we might have to leave, and Renesmee is kind of resenting leaving Forks, but Jake is really hating it more than anyone else. He believes that if we hide ourselves from humans we should be able to stay where we're at.We had considered just picking up and leaving once, but then Jacob's father, Billy, had a heart-attack. Jacob was torn between his love for Renesmee and his love for his father. We decided to make it easier on Jake and stay a little longer, also when that happened we realized we didn't quite have a plan.Edward didn't drop it, though, and neither did anyone else. What we're thinking, is that we'll leave this house the way it is, and make it seem like Esme and Carlisle are still living here and that the kids are off at college. Now, Charlie has been arguing like hell to keep us here. But, Charlie is very kind and very soft, so we're trying to break it to him easily. He and Sue seem to be getting along very well, is nice to see Charlie with someone. A little awkward, though. A vampire's father in love with a werewolf's mother. Charlie has been very concerned about Billy, and so has Jake. Whenever Jake gets a moment where he can pry himself away from Renesmee he'll go visit Billy. And, on occasion Edward and I will leave Renesmee with the family and we'll visit to. We don't believe Billy is going to last much longer, so we're going to try to stay until he and Jake have both moved on past what is inevitable at this point.So, with all these things running lose everywhere, naturally, Renesmee got curious. She already knew herself what was happening to Billy, but she wanted to know if she'll get to go to school.***"Mama," she said, "will I be able to go to school like you and Papa?"I said, "Listen, Nessie," her nickname had been being picked up by everybody, even me, "we're not even sure if we're going anywhere yet, let alone have we planned out what you'll be doing."Nessie said, "Well, it seems like you should have something figured out. You and Papa talk about it alot.""I know, honey, but that doesn't mean we've come to a compromise." Sometimes if feels weird talking to someone who, in the human world, wouldn't have any idea what I'm saying, but Renesmee understands completely."But Momma, I want to go to school to learn."Alice had laughed from in the other room. Alice said, "There's not much they can teach you there Nessie that you don't already know."Edward said, "No, what Alice originally though of was that she'll be so smart that it would be humiliating to Jacob."Jacob said, "Hey."Rosalie commented, "It's true dog." Rosalie and Jacob laugh with each other all the time, but, still sometimes they'll get mad and I'll have to send them outside--away from Renesmee--if Jasper isn't near. I had no doubt he was controlling a little right now.Renesmee fidgeted a bit and walked over to Emmett. Emmett was her favorite to talk to in these situations because he'll always side with her. Emmett scooped her up and she touched his shoulder to show him what she was thinking. He was a sucker for a puppy-dog face, so seeing Renesmee's made him weak at the knees. I had wondered why she didn't go to Jacob instead, but even Jacob would side with what was best for her...not only what she wants. Emmett said, "This kid's got one creative mind. Do you think that it would be too suspicious if we started her with writing books now?"Renesmee put her hand down again. Very stubborn. Very much like Edward. Sometimes during conversations like this Edward will stroke my face, or rub my arm, to show that he wants to know what I'm thinking. I'll pull back my shield from him and Nessie and then I'll repel it against myself. Sometimes it harder, but I find when I don't think about it, it is much easier. Edward was analyzing my thoughts when Emmett announced, "Nessie wants to go to school to be with people, and to be out and be able to mingle."I thought it was great that Nessie wants to be out in public, but I didn't want to tell her or Edward this, I'm still kind of nervous about my self control around that many people. Before I was able to bring my shield back up Edward was able to read that. Jasper also sensed my nervousness. Edward said, "Nessie, you remember how you feel when you're hungry? Do you still remember slightly when you were inside Mama?"She said, "Yes I remember." She didn't like this subject. Emmett walked over and placed Renesmee in my lap.Edward asked her, "Did you like the feeling?""No."Edward explained, "Well, it's a little too soon for Mama. She'll feel that way very often in a school. Except for worse. She's not ready yet Nessie."Alice laughed again, "Look at that face Edward? Can you not see it? She's going to win anyway."Edward looked at what Alice had seen. Edward smiled, "Yes, I guess I do see that."***But Renesmee's curiosity is the least of our problems. Edward has been seeing a swing in Charlie's thoughts lately. He's noticing a definite increase of curiosity. Edward had never shared that sometimes he had difficulty reading Charlies thoughts, so when he mentioned it I thought it was a very interesting thing. Alice has also been getting strange flickers of Charlie. Some involving wedding plans, some involving pain--which we thought to be the move or Billy's soon-to-happen passing, and some strange "looking." We say looking because other than researching there's no other way to put it. Edward has been keeping a close eye on that.We don't go out anywhere very often. Not that we need to, but sometimes it feels strange to be around the same places. Speaking of going out, Edward and Alice aren't letting me go by anything reflective. They said it would've been easier if my senses were dulled as a humans. They're not going to let me see myself, because apparently some big transformation--big to a vampire and their keen sense anyway--is going to finish up very soon. They said I'll be able to look in a mirror around the time of Edward's birthday--which is in twelve days.And that brings me to my next thing. Edward's birthday. Alice and I have been planning, and I have been keeping it away from Edward, which is why I don't show him what I'm thinking anymore. At least for this short period of time. It's a many part birthday present for a very big year: his first birthday with Renesmee and I.Carlisle and Esme are sending Edward and I to Isle Esme for his birthday while they take care of Nessie. (Nessie loves her grandparents too, very much.)Emmett and Rosalie apparently had planted video cameras places our wedding day, and they're going to give the video to Edward and I. (They also thought Nessie would enjoying seeing it as well.)Alice is getting Edward a new wardrobe. (Go figure.)Jasper is taking the whole family to another vampire's family and we're going to call it our first outing.But Alice and I had also come up with a brilliant idea for the whole family. We have planned to take the whole family to a baseball game. We are going to take Charlie, but he's still not permitted to ask any questions. We have to be very careful with that. We imagine Charlie will take Sue. I think Jacob will be thrilled, and I also wouldn't mind inviting Seth, Quil, and Leah. Renesmee will love it very much, fore she's as physically talented as Jake. And it will definitely be appreciated by everyone else, because the first baseball game they attempted with me as a measly human didn't turn out very well. Alice and I plan to surprise everyone with this one. She has been "checking the weather" looking for a good thunderstorm. She said it looks like if we're lucky, we'll get to go two days after Edward's real birthday.Anyway, I'm defiantly still not bored.

Edward Cullen Biography From Wikipedia

In Twilight, Edward meets Bella Swan, a human girl whose thoughts he is unable to read, and whose blood smells overwhelmingly sweet to him.[2] He fights a growing attraction to her, but after saving her life on several occasions, he succumbs and eventually falls in love with her. Edward admits to Bella that he is a vampire, and that although he retains the physical body of a seventeen-year-old, he was actually born on June 20, 1901. His adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen, transformed him into a vampire in 1918 to prevent him from dying in the Spanish influenza epidemic in Chicago, Illinois. Carlisle instilled in him a sense of morality uncommon in most vampires, and central to his way of life is the refusal to consider humans as food.
However, Edward constantly warns Bella against being with him, perceiving her life to be at risk if she continues to associate with him. Bella's love and confidence in Edward's restraint cause her to ignore his warnings, even after she becomes the vampire James' target. Unlike the Cullen family, who are "vegetarian" vampires (committed to only feeding on animals), James regularly feeds on humans and will not stop until he drinks Bella's blood. With his family's help, Edward is able to save Bella from James' predations, but how to assure Bella's continued safety remains an open question.[3]
New Moon
In New Moon, Edward's fears for Bella's safety intensify when she cuts her finger and is almost attacked by his brother Jasper. In an attempt to protect her, he convinces her that he no longer loves her, and moves away with his family, leaving Bella heartbroken. Edward finds it difficult to live without Bella, and becomes severely depressed at the prospect of an infinitely long and meaningless life. After he mistakenly learns from his sister Rosalie that Bella has committed suicide, Edward attempts to convince a group of Italian vampires, the Volturi, to kill him. Together with his sister Alice, Bella rushes to Italy and stops Edward before the Volturi can destroy him.
Edward explains why he left, and apologizes to Bella. She eventually forgives him entirely, and they continue with their relationship as though Edward had never left, with the exception that Bella has ties that cannot be broken with a werewolf named Jacob Black. Bella successfully seeks the support of Edward's family on turning her into a vampire. While Edward is furious at the prospect, he later agrees to change her himself if she agrees to marry him first.[4]
In Eclipse, Bella agrees to marry Edward on the condition he will make love to her while she is still human. Edward eventually relents and agrees, on the stipulation it will only occur after they are married. The plot is driven by the machinations of the vampire Victoria, who, seeking revenge for the death of her mate James, is hunting Bella and creating new vampires to build an army. A grudging truce is made between the Cullens and the Native-American werewolf pack led by Sam Uley and Jacob Black, a friend of Bella's who was there for her when Edward broke her heart. However, the truce is endangered when Bella realizes Jacob means more to her than she thought. Ultimately, Edward accepts that Bella cares for Jacob and successfully destroys Victoria, and Bella acknowledges that Edward is the most important person in her life. Edward tells Bella that they may attempt making love before they get married, as he realizes that she spends too much of her life trying to please other people. However, she refuses his offer and says that she will do everything the right way: marriage, making love, and then becoming a vampire.[5]
Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn sees Edward and Bella marry. Bella becomes pregnant on their honeymoon, and the rapid growth of the half-human, half-vampire fetus swiftly impacts on Bella’s health. Edward tries to coerce her into having an abortion in order to save her own life. However, Bella feels a bond with her unborn child and insists on giving birth. Edward comes to feel love for the baby as well, after he hears its thoughts and learns that the baby loves Bella in return. Bella nearly dies giving birth in an emergency c-section, but Edward successfully delivers his daughter and then injects Bella's heart with his venom, healing her wounds by turning her into an immortal vampire. During Bella's painful transformation, Jacob imprints on their baby daughter, Renesmee.
After a vampire named Irina mistakes Renesmee for an immortal vampire child—a creation forbidden in the vampire world—the Volturi arrive to destroy the Cullens. Edward stands with Bella and their allies to convince the Volturi that Renesmee is not an immortal child and poses no threat to their existence. Once the Volturi leave, Edward and Bella feel free to live their lives in peace with their daughter.[6]
Edward is described in the book and by Bella as being charming, polite, determined, and very stubborn. He is very protective over Bella and puts her safety, humanity and welfare before anything else. He often over-analyzes situations and has a tendency to overreact, especially in situations where Bella's safety is at risk. He retains some outdated speech from his human life in the early 20th century. Edward sees himself as a monster, and after falling in love with Bella, he desperately wishes that he were human instead of a vampire.
Physical appearance
Like all the vampires in the Twilight series, Edward is described by Bella as being impossibly beautiful. At various points in the series, she compares him to the mythical Greek god Adonis. His skin is "like marble"—very pale, ice cold, and sparkles in the sunlight. She describes his facial features as being perfect and angular—high cheekbones, strong jawline, a straight nose, and full lips. His hair, which is always messy, retains the unusual bronze shade that he inherited in his human life from his biological mother. His eyes, once green, are now described as topaz. His appearance changes if he goes long without feeding: his eyes darken, becoming almost black, and purple bruises appear beneath his eyes. Edward is 6'2", and has a slender but muscular body.
Vampiric traits; abilities; interests
Edward, like all vampires in the Twilight series, possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and agility, and is described as being inhumanly beautiful. His scent and voice are enormously seductive to Bella, so much so that he occasionally sends her into a pliant daze entirely by accident. In Twilight, Edward explains that like other vampires, he does not need to breathe, though he chooses to do so out of habit and because it is helpful to smell his environment. He cannot digest regular food, and compares its attractiveness for him to the prospect of eating dirt for a regular person. As well, like other vampires, Edward is not able to sleep.
In addition to the traits he shares with his fellow vampires, Edward has certain abilities that are his alone. He is the fastest of the Cullens, able to outrun any of them. Perhaps as a result of a talent for empathy in his human life, Edward can also read the mind of anyone within a few miles of himself; Bella is the sole exception to this rule, which Meyer has stated is due to Bella having a very private mind.[7] Edward also retains some of the traditional mindset and dated patterns of speech from his early-20th century human life.
Edward is musical, able to play the piano like a virtuoso. He enjoys a wide range of music, including classical, jazz, progressive metal, alternative rock, and punk rock, but dislikes country. He prefers indie rock to mainstream, and appreciates rock and classical music equally.[8] He mentions in Twilight that he likes music from the fifties better than the sixties, dislikes the seventies, and says the eighties were "bearable".
A hobby of Edward's is collecting cars.[8] He owns a Volvo S60 R and an Aston Martin V12 Vanquish as a "special occasion" car. He also gave his sister Alice a Porsche 911 Turbo as a gift in Eclipse. He bought a motorcycle to ride alongside Bella, but gave it to Jasper after he realized that riding motorcycles was a hobby she enjoyed sharing with Jacob.

Edward Cullen ( Edward Anthony Masen) is a fictional character from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. He features in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as well as the Twilight film, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun - a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward's perspective. Edward is a vampire who, over the course of the Twilight series, falls in love with, marries, and has a child with Bella Swan, a human teenager who later chooses to become a vampire also. In the 2008 Twilight film, Edward is played by actor Robert Pattinson.

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Sources: Wikipedia and Twilight On

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