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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Twi-Couples Updates

You know, as much as I have blogged on this Twilight topic in paticular and as much as I enjoy it, I never seem to be satisfied when the post is done.

Couple Robsten has been thrown around ever since the dawn of auditioning for Twilight--and what days those were. Robert and Kristen seems like the cutest couple on-screen and off. Many believe and I do too, that people want to see them off-screen as Edward and Bella just because they're that way on screen too. But, then I started thinking, and started researching, and I started wondering things like, 'you know, this makes since and looks real, maybe it is.' So I've decided which stories I buy and which ones I don't. I believe they are in love, I believe they are obsessed with each other, and I think they are being careful to not let their off-screen relationship affect their on-screen Edward and Bella. I believe the one problem that's keeping them from being an object--other then affecting the movies--is that Kristen already had a three-year boyfriend. My theory: Robert really liked Kristen and started flirting with her since the met, and even proposed a few times. Kristen stayed faithful with Michael--her boyfriend--at the time, but then realized she really liked Rob and started flirting back. Now that Kristen doesn't get to spend a lot of time with Michael, she's grown closer to Rob. Rob is now saying to Kristen she has to choose between M. and him--because Rob is not the kind to follow a girl around like a puppy dog, like the classic Mike Newton. They bother hurt when they're not around each other and fell they have to be near. Dinner with his parents, constant texting and phone calls, flirting and snuggling, boiling on her previous relationship, 'breaks' in her previous relationship, hanging privatly verse a group. Look at the facts, they look each other and are trying to hold their relationship off a little further along for the sake of their fans. They do have a big weight on their shoulders being part of the largest and most obsessive fan-base in the world.

Couple Taylena has been inspected when the two were caught on several dates in Vancouver when they were both filming seperate things. The couple seemed so cute: snuggling, sweet talk, smiling and laughing, flirting, teenage loving, and supposed kissy-kissing. We hadn't heard anything specific or leading to relationship other than one fan stating she saw them smoochy smoochy. I believe they had a case of summer relationship. The classic summer couple is it's great over the summer when you meet someone you're not normally around, but when summer comes to an end so does the relationship. I think that's what has happened with Taylor and Selena. They had fun for a week, and then when they parted, they didn't bother to keep in touch. We've heard Taylor refer to her as a, "sweet girl," but that's about it on Selena. Taylor has revealed he is, "single," but nobody can be sure what that means anymore. Selena announced before and to Ryan Secreast on the radio today that she is in fact single.
"So we have some pictures of you Taylor Lautner, Twilight hottie, up in Vancouver. Are those true?" Ryan asked.
"Yes he was in Vancouver and is in the Twilight movies," she laughed.
He laughed. "Is he yours?"
"No he's not in my movie Princess Protection program."
Ryan laughed and then said, "No, I mean are you dating, I mean I know you announced it before, but can we hear it here? Are you infact single?"
"Yes, I am single, yes."
So, there you have it. This couple was fun while it lasted.

Peace Love Twilight

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