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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ab-verview. Ab-azing!

As reviewed in an interview with Taylor Lautner on the red carpet for Sunday's MTV Awards he will be beefing up even more for the advancment and continued growth of his character, Jacob, in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I don't know what accounts to everybody else, but they're given Taylor eight weeks to go back and hit the gyms to get even bigger. He's going to look strange: baby face and fifty pounds of muscle. He plans to beef himself up more and more each time and promise at the end he'll work his way back down to what he looks like now or smaller...but he likes the six-pack. I do, too. I can deal with that...what about you guys? He says he doesn't want to stay, "big and bulky."

We've all seen Kellan's abs right? They're hot. He got them when he first started modeling and his own state-of-the-ark workout system. According to resources, he gave RPattz and Taylor Lautner training to help them with those rock-hard abs! Thanks Kellan SO much!

Kellan insists there is no beefy-ness contest between all the Twilight Saga stars. He says that he will stick with thr trait of being the tallest and live with that.

Let's ab-I mean- overview the fa-abs-I mean-facts (in chronilabical order of course :D):
Kellan Lutz has a rock hard awesome modeling bod-- 6-pack and all
Kellan Lutz--former model--trained Twilight co-stars, Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, to get their muscles
Taylor Lautner will continue to get bigger and bigger--muscle wise--for the part of Jacob
Taylor Lautner promises in the end to be a lanky but muscular teenage boy when it's all over.

Peace Love Twilight

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