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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blonde Vampires and Over-Friendly Chess Players Share New Moon Set Secrets

Our favorite blonde vampire who has his own band, Jackson Rathbone, we know is very talented musically—including guitar, singing, and many other instruments. But he also shares that Robert Pattinson is talented in singing and guitar—as we learned in his two songs on the Twilight album. He also shared that Kristen Stewart is very talented in playing the guitar which we learned from the, ‘Into The Wild,’ clip of her singing and playing the guitar. He also shares that Nikki would spend time with Rob and Kristen and have like a, “ jam session.” He also said, “And Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli would all hang out in the hotel room and play music and hang out on set.”
Rathbone also shares—as many other of the cast members do—that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have amazing chemistry, but yet they’re just great friends. “We are all equals in the room,” he says about the cast, “it’s like a family.”
Not only does the hot Edward/Robert Bella/Kristen couple make us wonder about hot romances, but another pair makes us wonder. Justin Chon and Mike Welch are said to have had a bromance. Justin Chon shares, “Me and Mike had a bromance. We just loved to hang out together and talk about stupid things.”

Sources: The Twilight Sisterhood and People

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