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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

FYI: Twi-Vamps Forever and Always Will Be THE Vamps

Another vampire on the horizon. You know I personally feel bad for the people that are trying to write stories about vampires and vampire love. I feel sorry because Stephenie Meyer is a force to be wrecking with, and she’s gonna stomp them to the ground. And if she doesn’t, you know that fans will. I don’t see how any Twilight fan, after reading the Twilight Saga could think any vampire of any sort would even be worthy enough to read the back of the book. Our friends TwiCracker ( shared that Ian Somerhalder who was with Ashley Greene at a 100 Monkeys concert, is going to playing a different type of vampire in, ‘Vampire Diaries.’ This guys reports to MTV that it’s good that’s Twilight is around—even though he personally hasn’t seen it—because it’s giving other vampires of all kinds they’re shot at the big screen. I personally think this guy has got his head screwed on backwards. But, I donno, maybe it’s just me. Do you think this guy is physco? Vote on the new poll in the sidebar on weather you think Twilight gives other vampire books a better chance at being in the run, or a less chance.

Peace Love Twilight

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