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Monday, June 1, 2009

Twi-Interviews Galore

An interview with our Emmett teddy-bear and our Alice bff.
COSTUME COMENTER: This is a new segment on my blog called costume commenter. We will share our opinion on what our favorite stars are wearing. We give Kellan props for going casual cool, but down Ashley on her Ashanta look, it’s too curly, sparkly and updone for her. Kellan gets an 8, and Ashley gets a 3. But she definetly gets a 10 for effort, that hairdo must’ve taken hours!

Here is an interview with Mike Welch and Christian Serratos. Mike shares he’s proud to be his character of Mike Newton, and compares Robert’s fame to Borack Obama. “It’s like, he looks down, and then his faces comes up in a room and everyone is staring at him.”
COSTUME COMMENTER: We love Mike’s simple tux. He looks great! The hair is pretty good too…even though he’s not Edward Cullen. 10.

Here’s the entire cast of Twilight and they’re golden popcorn.

COSTUME COMMENTER: We give Catherine Hardwicke props for making do with what she has. She kept he look cool and sheak and hip, but we down her on the red lip. Some people say yay, we say nay. Christian Serratos gets a 10 on her outfit for many reason. We love simple, but hip, and classy but cool dress. We also loved how she had her hair put up. The tall black heels make her look great too. Cam G. kept it casually cool. He’s not wearing jeans, but he’s not wearing a tux, he’s somewhere in the middle. It’s not perfect, but for a working dad, we’ll cut him a break and give him a 7. We love Taylor Lautner’s spicy leather jacket, but we critisize he’s normal white tee. We think that a jemmed and graphic black shirt would’ve worked better. The jeans are acceptable because of the way he dressed it, but they are not upped. We give him an 8. Could’ve done better Tay! We love thw way Kristen paired her converse with a dress, but critisize her dress choice. She could’ve been a little more sheek. Get rid of the red and color trama, make it a classic blue with the black overlaying and converse would’ve been much better. We have no problem with her hair, the norm looks great! 6. We love Robert Pattisnon’s mis-buttoned shirt and—as always—his hair. We think he could’ve pulled a dark pair of jeans out, but we hate the sweater. Edward Cullen knows style, and he’ll tell you, that sweater has no style. The blue sweater definetly makes him look a little gay. Sorry Robby! 7. We love Peter’s jacket, heart-breaking smile, and messy hair-do, but we down the all black look. He could’ve defiantly worn Taylor, just as well as he did himself, with a blue pair of jeans. We do love the mixed matched shirt under, though. 8.

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OME! Good New Moon info. OMG, just shorts. Love him. Hot werewolf, got that right buddy. Lot of heart-shredding, can’t wait to see that, ouch! Well, he’s so cute, such a nice little sixteen year olds. You always break our hearts Taylor, actually, it’s more like you melt them.

View our fav KStew and RPattz joke on stage. Loved it.

Yeah, I agree with everybody on everything. I love Peter, he’s so cute. And I love Kellan.
Peter: “I hope so. What if it’s not? I donno.” Kellan: “Oh are Edward and Bella their names? I donno, I’m just an actor.” And Elizabeth really is your real life Esme, she seems so sweet and caring. And I also believe New Moon will be better than Twilight, book to movie wise. And I will be a big girl and fess up: I didn’t think Weitz would be good at first. But, now he seems like my kind of guy. He seems organized and true to his work. Plus, everybody else likes him, so that works too.

Christian Serratos shares there will be enough of every character in New Moon and no character or actor will be wishing that they had more. She also shares it was much more comfortable to be on set as her character, Angela, knowing that she’s already played the character before. She says Angela did go through a minute transformation, too, though. Angela is a little more confident compared to her shy and timid self in the first film Miss Serratos tells Just Jared. She says since Angela has Bella, they really help each other out as characters.

Stephenie Meyer is also very excited for New Moon release in November and says she can’t wait! She also shares that trailer doesn’t show anything, and we don’t know anything compared to what we’ll see in theaters this November. Thanks Steph! We love you too!
At that link you can view Kristen Stewart dropping her golden popcorn when accepting it.
That explains it.

Everything this boy does makes me even more so in love with him.

Peace Love Twilight

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