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Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm On Team Emmett

I’m already so in love with this boy, but everything new I find out about him makes me love him even more. Love his name and I love big families. Good choice on the breakfast too (glad he didn’t go with some preppy girly model-like breakfast). And you’ve always got to feel special when you’re in the presence of a model, right? He does look like the kind of boy who looked like he worked hard in high-school, the only problem I have with that is that he didn’t even try to go to college…he could’ve done college then acted. But, I do like that he is committed to what he does. Has he been to South Africa? I wanna travel the world…I love this boy. Oh, another Greene and Lutz movie, I’m gonna love it. I thought he was in Hilary Duff’s, ‘With Love,’ thing. He played in Heroes?—okay now I’m gonna go and by the seasons. Aw, I love this boy…if he wasn’t acting he’d me a Navy Seal, I love him. AND I USE QUOTES LIKE THAT ALL THE TIME….is there anything that won’t make me love this boy?

His middle name is Christopher and he has six brothers and one sister.2. His favorite breakfast is "Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with some good old steak and eggs."3. Both Kellan and his New Moon brother Robert Pattinson were models when they were younger.4. Kellan worked really hard at high school and got offered lots of scholarships for college but turned them down to be an actor.5. His favorite place in the world is South Africa.6. He acts alongside good friend Ashley Greene in the movie Warrior. It is going to be released later this year.7. Kellan appeared in the 2006 commercial for Hilary Duff's perfume "With Love... Hilary Duff", and in the 2007 music video for her single "With Love."8. He was engaged to Hayden Panettiere's character in Heroes.9. If he wasn't acting Kellan says he would be on his way to becoming a Navy Seal.10. His motto is "In life never stop dreaming...Fore in dreams, we never stop living."

Peace Love Twilight

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