New Moon Countdown

Sunday, June 7, 2009


There's nothing going on. I mean, of course there are things going on in the world--ex. human existenance and global warmning-- but there's nothing going on in the Twilight world. Well, that's not right either, because people all over the world are reading or re-reading the Twilight Saga books. Also millions everywhere are watching or re-watching Twilight. But even more important than the growing Twilight fan-base is the fact that the second Twilight Saga film New Moon is being set together for production in the movie theaters. But, if you read this regularly, you already know that. Actually, if you're a dedicated fan to the Twilight world in anyway shape or form, you should've known that a LONG time ago. So, there honestly is nothing new. I'm sure Chris Weitz is doing a fantastic job with all he is doing and I'm also sure he'll be very successful in this New Moon movie. He seemed very prepared and seems to know what he is doing, and honestly I guess I'm not disappointed with our animated wolf. I think Weitz will do an amazing job, but he's not making it easy for Eclipse director David Slade. Slade is master and has had previous experiences with vampire battles, but with evil vampire fights. So, as I was worried that Weitz would make everything fake in Twilight because he's an animation dude, I'm also now worried about Slade making our vampires too evil. And Weitz isn't making easy for him with all the battling, since some of the players in that battle--the werewolves--will have to be animated. I hope it doesn't come off too fake.
I believe we will appreciate Catherine Hardwicke the most after all the Twilight Saga films are out.

Peace Love Twilight

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