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Saturday, June 6, 2009

KStew's Career Path
Is it possible that our favorite Kristen Stewart turned to certain things as a support for her past? She was piled on with a big responisilbity in the movie, ‘The Messengers,’ when she was only 16—as says at the link. When our KStew was only eleven she had a role in the movie, ‘The Safety Of Objects.’ No could question her fresh start to acting because of the reputation her family had in the business—her dad was a famous producer for FOX. Then a year later she got a part in, ‘Panic Room,’ with Jodie Foster. Now, some say that she got that role based out of luck because Hayden Panettire couldn’t do it. Well, luck or not, this young actress’s career sky-rocketed. Then she took on a new role in, ‘Cold Creek Manor,’ in 2003. After that she landed the leading role in another movie called, ‘Speak,’ which is where she met her first boyfriend Michael Angarano. Later that year she got a role as a fourteen-year-old with Corbin Bleu in a very well-known movie, ‘Catch That Kid.’ Also that year she played Lila in a movie called, ‘Undertow.’ Next year she got her role as Miya in, ‘Fierce People.’ Then in one of our favorite epic board game films, ‘Zathura,’ she got a role of an older sister named Lisa. ‘In The Land Of Women,’ Kristen Stewart played the role of Lucy Hardwicke in 2007. Then she got the main role of Jess in a drama/horror film called, ‘The Messengers.’ Then in the movie, ‘The Cake Eaters,’ which won four awards, she had a part as Georgia. She also was in a film called, ‘Into The Wild,’ which was nominated for two Oscars and 36 other awards and they also one 12 other awards. She was featured in, ‘Cutlass,’ also in 2007 in which she got to work with Kate Hudson and Dakota Fanning. In 2008 she was featured in, ‘The Yellow Handkerchief,’ as a character called Martine. She got to star in a movie that featured Robert De Niro in 2008 called, ‘What Just Happened.’ Then Kristen played Sophie in, ‘Jumper,’ which was nominated for an award on MTV. Then in our favorite film, ‘Twilight,’ she played a character named Isabella Swan, this movie has won 7 awards so far. This year she also played a young woman named Em in, ‘Adventurland.’ And two films that are at this moment I post-production are, ‘Welcome To Riley’s,’ and, ‘Twilight Saga: New Moon.’ She has two other films in pre-production: ‘K-11,’ and, ‘The Runaways.’ All this pressure and past of an 18-year-old can’t be easy. Consider all of this—yes, all of it—before you judge.

Panic Room

Cold Creek Manor


Catch That Kid


Fierce People

In The Land Of Women

The Messengers

The Cake Eaters

Into The Wild Trailer


You can see this young lady grow-up video by video.

Peace Love Twilight

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