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Saturday, September 26, 2009

House Of Night: Marked (Book 1):: Chapters 1-8

*SPOILERS, Will OBVIOUSLY Be Shown Below*Alrighty, so I've done a lot of reading in this book, and got through eight chapters. It is nothing like Twilight, except for the obvious fact that there are vampires involved. There is no hot vampire boy or girl, there is no mysterious or new student, etc. It's just a girl who very quickly started turning into a vampire. Oh and they don't even spell vampire, 'v-a-m-p-i-r-e,' they spell it, 'v-a-m-p-y-r-e.'

Now, the general overview is this girl, who's life was a little hetic already, has been Marked. She was marked by a very powerful Vampire Tracker. The mark looks like an outline of a crescent moon on the least typically. Then, after talking with her parents about the mark, thye decide to alert everyone in their church and call the family doctor. So, Zoey snuck on the window to consult her grandmother. While trying to find her, she tripped, her pain worsening. She had a "hallucination" or "dream" or "happening." Visited my a vampire goddess, Nyx, her Indian blood and vampiric abilities make her very special. When she awakes, she finds herself in the House Of Night--or vampire academy, which she had to go to. Her choices were simple: A) go to the house of night and save yourself OR B) die. But, she could die anyway. Depending on if she survived the change. But, after her grandmother got her settled, a mentor--who is a healer--helped her get situated. Zoey sees something very strange, then meets her roomate. Meanwhile, everyone has been wondering about her mysterious filled in mark, and why it isn't just an outline.

Chapter 1 and 2 at first pulled me in, then got me bored. After a while through, I ended up getting slightly interested again. What I love about the House Of Night, is that the main character talks like a normal teenager. I mean, it's great that Bella's smart, and thinks different, and everything else, but it's still funny and entertaining to hear from a normal teenager. She is having a hectic life, and the last thing she needs is to be marked by a vampire. But she is. And it. Was. As simple. As. That. It seemed like less of a big deal than it would be in Twilight. Maybe because in this alternate universe, humans know about vampires. I guess you could say that vampires are simply freaks. Not threats.
Chapter 3 got pumped more information, and got us that insight on the character's personal and "normal" life. The writing here was so powerful that I actually felt the angry, and felt angry. At the "step-loser" and at her mother for just wanting the cash that came along with the guy, and to get that, ignored the NEEDS OF HER DAUGHTER! And, NOW, her daughter is becoming a vamprie and you think she's better of dead. WTF!?

Chapter 4 was more of filler, giving us that information while she's bored to death thinking in her room. And once again, I'm thrilled by the fact that she thinks like a normal teenager. Although, may i just say, I would've left LOOONGGG before she did. I kept thinking, 'leave, leave, leave. get the hell out, already.'
Chapter 5 was the panic button. Everything is happening, and everything she doesn't understand. Although, it's very descriptive, creative, and I *heart* the ideas. Putting yourself into your position, and starting the story behind the plot. Chapter five explains a few unanswered questions, that are key.

Chapter 6 begins the transition period, and just leaves the readers off having to read 7.

Chapter 7 gets you to the bone. And also, it explains alot of the vampire tricks and traits. Obviously, the call for blood isn't as strong to these vampires as it is to the Twilight vampries. And clearly, being a newborn vampire, doesn't really change anything. It's REALLY different from Twilight there. I read part of this in my office, and kept thinking AWKWARD in one part. And I know all of you who've read it, know what I'm talking about. I wanna figure out why that was necessary to show us. However, i think it's hilarious and still entertaining to get into the head of a REAL teenager.

Chapter 8 is getting the details of the transition, so they don't have to explain in little bits and pieces that make no sense along the way. You get into the head, get the details, know a little bit more about vampires, etc. It's one of those chapters. :-)

So far, I'm really liking this book!
Peace Love Twilgiht

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  1. hi okay i have a question.. this might be a little dirty but ive been wondering if anyone's thought of this too. you dont get this info the first book by the way.. so-
    when zoey imprints with heath and when heath cuts his neck and they start hooking up its extremely sexually arousing for the both of them. the act of drinking blood from anyone especially a human feels amazing to both people. now it mentioned in the book the the fledgings still get their period and it opened the first book with a blow job. so my questions is the people at the house of night are clearly sexually active.. now what if a male vampyre had imprinted with a female human? what if he ate her out while on her period? gross, weird i know i know.. but i was only seeing if i was the only one who had thought of this.