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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bella Swan Biography

Isabella Marie Swan is a fictional character in The Twilight Saga written by Stephenie Meyer. Nicknamed Bella, Bells, and Vampire Girl, this young girl (from age 17-19 in Saga) is the protagonist in these books.
In Twilight, Bella moves away from her care-free mother and her mother's new husband. We use the term moves away, becuase it was her "decision to go" as Bella puts it in Twilight. Her step-father, Phil, is on a minor league baseball team, which requires alot of traveling. However, Bella's mother would not go with him, and would stay with her in their always shining town of Pheonix. Bella saw the sadness of her mother, and offered to stay with her father, Charlie, in the always gloomy Forks, Washington. He has been in the same place, ever since--and before--Renee--Bella's mother--left, taking Bella with her. Bella used to visit, but then at fourteen stated her case, and it was agreed that she didn't have to go anymore. However, soon she discovers a strange and magnificent family named the Cullens. She finds herself falling for a member of the family; Edward Cullen. After seeing signs of how truly magnificent and gifted he and his family are, she finds that they are vampires. Edward shares his feelings for Bella, and the are very much in love...with one little problem: her blood is the most delicious and mouth-watering thing he has smelt in his 100 years of existance. While observing their new-found relationship, a pair of nomadic vampires, who choose to feast on human blood--verses the Cullens, who have sworn off human blood--start chasing Bella. Edward and has family try to save Bella, and end up killing one of the vampires--the other ran off. Bella then expresses her want to become a vampire to Edward, and he disapproves. We are left in a position of wonderment and entertainment.

In New Moon, Edward leaves Bella alone and depressed in Forks, Washington after he has decided it has to be that way to keep her safe. Edward's "brother" had attacked Bella at her 18th birthday, and that had struck hard with Edward. Bella, believing he truly didn't love her anymore, went to an immediate state of depression. For months on end, Bella does what she has to do, just waiting for life to complelty swallow her up and destroy her. Her father, Charlie, concerned for her well-being proposes that she go back to Pheonix with Renee. Bella refuses to go, and promises her father she will socialize with her friends...even though she would rather not. While out and about with a friend, she realizes that whenever she does something reckless, she will hear Edward's voice in her head advises her not to do anything dangerous. Bella becomes addicting to adreniline and Edward's voice, so much that she buys motorcycles. They don't work, and because she is so desperate to feed the endless depression with adreniline, she goes to see old companion Jacob Black on the La Push reservation. However, Jacob Black fantasizes and wishes to be with Bella above friendship. He loves her. Bella cannot return that love, because she is so attached to Edward. A dramatic and sudden change in Jacob's attitude, behavior, and physicality alarms her. His cold new attitude, scares her. She does research, similar to how she did in Twilight, to discover that Jacob has turned into a werewolf. The werewolves' one mortal enemy is a vampire. She informs Jacob that she knows what he is, and that she has information that could help him with some vampire troubles. Bella, spending time with Jacob again--but not as much as before--realizes she does love Jacob, but not as much as she loves Edward. While she was deciding whether or not to act on her feelings for Jacob, a vampire shows up. Alice, Edward's sister. Alice had a vision that Bella had died when she jumped off a cliff--and didn't see Jacob saving her. No longer than twenty-four hours of Alice's visit does she have a vision. This time, it's a vision of Edward, who--think that Bella is dead--is going to a group of royal vampires to die to. Bella takes off with Alice to stop Edward, leaving Jacob alone in the dust. Alice and Bella convince Edward that she is not dead, but they still have to convince the Volturi that they should survive--while fighting off the fact that Edward told Bella about their secret. They convince this group of vampires that they did not mean any harm, all is good, and Edward promises that Bella will be changed into a vampire soon. We leave Jacob in a very bitter position with very bitter feelings. We also leave Edward and Bella together again, and Bella expecting to be a vampire by the graduation of high school.

In Eclipse, Bella is trying to get Jacob to forgive, and is trying to get Edward to warm up to Jacob. Vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies, and she refuses to believe that it's impossible for them to get along. At this point, Edward and Bella are also debating on when and if she will be turned in a vampire, also what they will be doing after high school... During all the trying, an evil vampire from the nomadic coven decides to hunt down Bella. Edward notices signs of a newborn army of vampires forming and starts to get concerned. Bella has a few sneak off trips to see Jacob, against Edward's wishes. However, it is exactly the vampire threat that gets Edward and Jacob to at least stand in the same room with one another. Soon they find out that the vampire threat and the new born army are the same thing. A battle is planned very which werewolves and vampires must work together. A veyr uncomfortable night, has Bella, Edward, and Jacob all sharing a tent together before the big battle. The next day, Jacob tricks Bella into a kiss and Bella is left worrying with Edward--who she had convinced to stay with her. When Edward and Bella are confronted by the evil vampire and her accomplice, Seth--a young werewolf--and Edward go off to fight the nomadic vampires in order to protect Bella. Eventually, Edward and Seth overcome Riley and Victoria. Bella is left with one final decision, who she really loves. She accepted and promised to marry Edward, and she decides that she loves Jacob and Edward both...she just loves her vampire more. We are left in the book with Edward and Bella planning their near and distant futures, while Jacob runs away from things he just doesn't want to see.

In Breaking Dawn, the wedding between Bella and Edward finally happens. Edward has agreed to change Bella into a vampire along with her other promise. The wedding happens, and even with Bella's best man--Jacob. It all blows up when Bella idiotically share with Jacob what she plans to do on her honeymoon--accidentally. The newly weds take off to a private island where they will honeymoon. About two weeks into the wonder paradise, does Bella realize she is pregnant. The thought was so impossible and irrational that it was never even considered my either Edward or Bella. They immediatly rush home, and soon realize that the baby is killing Bella. Edward feels terrible and Jacob angry. Jacob's pack want to kill Bella and the baby. This frustrates Jacob, and even thought he his commanded by his pack leader to obey, his leader instincts come out and he walks away. Along with Seth, they become "vampires' pets." As Bella gets further into her pregnancy, things start getting worse and worse...for everyone. Esme is trying to hold everyone up, Carlisle is looking for research on the baby (etc.), Edward is suffering, Alice is trying to predict what will happen, Rosalie is protecting the baby and anything from happening to it, and Jacob is trying to protect Bella and his own pack. Soon, Seth's sister--and the only female wolf--Leah decides to join Jacob's pack. After they make the startling discovery that what the baby wants it blood, they make sure it gets plenty of it. Bella is bigger than nine months pregnant in about three. The baby want to come out, so starts to rip through her stomach. Edward and Jacob work presistantly and eventually get the baby out. Afterwards, Edward works on Bella and turning her into a vampire, making sure she survies. Jacob imprints upon Renesmee and eventuallly Bella gets to live her life as a vampire. They find that she still has her mind blocked, and she had incredible self control for a new born vampire. They also discover that her sheild can be used to block anyones thoughts if she works at it--she can also repel it against herself, making her mind readable. When the Volturi plan to come for a visit, they bring together several vampires to speak on behalf of Nessie. Meanwhile, people are teaching Bella how to fight and how to use her abilities just in case. Renesmee keeps growing quickly, and is learning very fast. Renesmee using her gift--of showing people pictures--to explain to the vampires why we need their help. When they confront the Volturi and state their case, it is an odd thing how back and forth everything gets. Alice and Jasper come with information that could've very well "saved their necks." Bella's sheild would've made sure that nothing happened to anyone...if they would have needed it. They didn't. The Volturi retreated with defeat. All a misunderstanding. We end with Nessie sound asleep, Jacob a happy camper, everyone else happy where their at, and Bella and Edward finally with their happy ending.

Kristen Stewart potrays Bella Swan in the film adaptations.
Peace Love Twilight

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