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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Twilight VS. Vampire Diaries VS. True Blood

Okay, here's the thing: Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga are extremly similar. Now, some of you may beg to differ...and I know at least half of you out there have your guns loaded and are ready to argue with me. Well, may I say this before you do: The Vampire Diaries came before The Twilight Saga and I realize that. But, Twilight is what brought vampires back into the world. It was what made us aware. People just passed by Vampire Diaries, before Twilight. Then people became obsessed with Twilight, and vampires seem to be everyone. The true Twihards know that nothing will live up to Stephenie Meyer's novels, but we also know that people are going to try. And you are either A) thrilled to have vampires everywhere, B) don't really care, or C) wish all this vamp crap would go away. Me? I love Twilight, I watch Vampire Diaries, want to catch up on True Blood, and am yet sick and tired of vamps everywhere. I'm complicated, what are you going to do about it? :-)
So, I could sit there and tell you all the similarities and differences between them all, buuutttt, alot of people have already done that.
TwiGossip pointed out that in the second episode of Vampire Diaries, Stephen--hot vampire guy who constantly tries to look like Edward, with no sucess--give Eleana--brown eyed brunette human girl interest, very similar to Bella--an original copy of Wuthering Heights, in which Emily Bronte used a different name to publish. Stephen lies saying that it was passed on from generations, when it was honestly his. Remind you of some other sexy vampie before we knew his secret?
In the following video, they show pictures of Paul Wesley and Robert Pattinson right next to each other, and it kind of offends me how much they tried to channel Edward Cullen's vampire look...ugh.

And my bloggy buddie on Danger Magnet, Joie Cullen, summarizes Vampire Diaries' plot and subtly points out how it's similar to Twilight, "It’s based on two characters, a human female and a male vampire. The human is in high school and the vampire just happens to have been changed young enough to pass as a high school kid – who happens to be hot and mysterious and looking for his long lost love (that’s all I shall share as I don’t want to ruin anything…). Human girl has long brown hair and has lost her parents, vampire boy knows how she feels. Human girl thinks vampire boy is dreamy, vampire boy came back just for her – by the way – he only drinks animal blood. Twilight – well we know how that went. Human girl and vampire boy – fall in love." Sound familiar? So, she pointed out that it's the same type of love story like Twilight. Instead of the brown-eyed brunette girl being new to school, it's a hot dreamy pale and vegetarian vampire. Hmmm...

Joie also pointed out some other things that I felt compelled to share: "1. Watch how Stefan walks all slow and sexy and fluid and brooding. Look – Edward walks like that because he’s a 91 year old vampire who’s never been in love and is tortured by Bella’s scent and hidden mind – if you don’t have a good excuse don’t walk like your cat just died – and if you can’t make it look awesome find a new swagger and leave Eddie’s be."
"2. Only (seriously) ONLY Edward has the ability to breathe in all slow and deep and grin all sweet and dazzling on a regular basis. He looks super cute and the sound of that alone is dreamy. Stefan…Eddie did it first – get over it.'
And, "5. AND FINALLY – this overall complaint – if you watch True Blood then you may be able to sympathize with me here: The Vampire Diaries is a mixture of Twilight and True Blood. Stefan “I’m just like Edward Cullen…this show should be called Meanwhile In A Town Called Spoons” Salvatore and Elena “I write in a diary and am mysterious like Bella Swan” Gilbert do a pretty darn good job with chemistry and I do enjoy the show."

PopStar gave us a good overview of each series, and addressed the controversy over who's stealing what. May I just say, that I think it's stupid that people immediatly have to run to "who stole what" or "who did it first." Can't we just enjoy or hate it?

This article, makes it seem as if the show is copying Twilight. Not the book. Unless I'm missing something essential here... "The central female character is blonde and beautiful, while in "Twilight" the central female character is described as a beauty but a unique one and very intelligent, you won't get that from Elena in "Diaries." Elena is depicted as the typical popular girl in high school and of course the only guy who is not seemingly interested is the brooding outsider, Stefan...."

And my favorite article so far, I got from a Yahoo page. It's comparing all three: True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight. It's also picking the pros and cons, winners and losers for the main plots, details, and twists.
Such as, "The Ingenue, The Vampire Boyfriend, Shape Shifter Guys, The Romance, The Vamp Rules," and if it's, "By The Book," or not.
Our Twilight guys--Jacob Black and Edward Cullen--took home the awards tonight. Jacob is the best "Shape Shifter Guy," and apparently is "good-hearted." Edward is the best "Vampire Boyfriend," duh, and is apparently "more appealing."
But True Blood took home the majority of awards. It's "by the book," it has the old fashioned "vampire rules," and has the best "ingenue."
There you have it.

So, are still true to True Blood? Are still an addict for Twilight? Still in love with Stephen from Vampire Diaries?
True Blood:
True Blood is based on a series of books and is a television show. Three seasons so far. Has a shapeshifter and a mind-reading waitress in love with a hot vampire. Abides with the average vampire rules--stakes and all. In real life, two main characters, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are involved with one another.
Twilight is based on a series of books and is being converted into movies. One movie so far. Has a shapeshifter/werewolf and a secretive minded high-schooler in love with a hot mind-reading vampire. Has re-written the classic vampire rules--sparkling instead of burning in sunlight. In real life, two main characters, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have not admitted to being involved with one another.
Vampire Diaries:
Vampire Diaries is based on a series of books and is a television show. Two episodes so far. Has a popular and troubled teenage girl with a troubled brother and is in love with a hot mind-reading vampire who has an evil brother. Keeps similar vampire rules--sunlight is okay with jewelry on. In real life, two main characters, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have not been rumored to be involved with one another.

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