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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still Dieing For Bella's Style?

Are you still looking and looking for ways to get Bella's style without paying the INSANE Hollywood price? Well here's an outfit that supposedly has the 'Bella flare' but will also compliment someone, oh I donno, over 15. No offense to anyone.

We love the way Bella adds a twist to the shirt look by teaming a short sleeve with a contrasting colour Twilight has been a huge smash all over the world with teenage girls already begging for the next installment of the Edward and Bella love story.

The New Moon isn't due to hit our screens until Christmas but with the vampire frenzy already in the air the Female First fashion team hit the high street to dig out some Bella Swan-inspired outfits.

Bella's laid back skater girl style is a great look for teens but for anyone older a baggy shirt can be really unflattering. We found this cute fitted girly version from Peacocks. It's fab for showing off your womanly curves while still looking cool and casual.
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