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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Hey you guys, this is Princess Twilight. I had to post this using Mike's account, because my gmail is not working. Therefore, blogger is not working. I have a different email account, and I received an email that I didn't send, supposedly from my gmail. And at my gmail I received all kinds of these messages from people I don't know, and what looked to be spam messages. So, it looks like I'll most likely be posting from Mike's profile. Maybe I'll change the username to admin, so you know it's me. But this means that I have no control over what is posted through my gmail. If there is someone who has it, and changed my password, may I just say: I AM PISSED. And, I wouldn't care if it was just an email address and not a blog, too. So, I apoligize guys, and wish you the best. However, if you are getting suspicous emails on your gmail account, make sure you delete it or foward or cancel anything, you would not want to be screwed with. This also means I can't edit the page's style. If this gets serious, I'll buy a website. Once again, I'm very sorry you guys, and hope to get control of my gmail and blogger account again here soon.
I wish you the best,
Princess Twilight

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