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Monday, September 21, 2009

Fan Fiction: Origins: Alice, Chapters 1-2

This fan fiction, Origins: Alice, is by bloggy buddy from Danger Magnet, Ana. That's how I first discovered the fan fiction, even though I had a slight hint that I had heard of it before, but hadn't paid attention. Anyway, since Fan Fiction seems to be my thing now, I figured why not? This might as well be one of those things in between. I'm tempted to start writing a fan fiction of my own...

Well, the first chapter definetly got me interested. I appreciated the originality of the story. However, I was desperatly craving for discriptive images to come... They writing is unique and wonderful, but what do you expect? All of you know I do alot of criticizing... So, it's basically very blanked out, like Alice is supposed to be. I can see where the frustration would come from in, not knowing where you cam from, what's going on, what happened, etc. Maybe that's part of my, um, "curiousity," towards the story.
Then in chapter two, things began to come together, and even the simplest moment of curiousity was cleared. Perfectly written. I am very pleased at this point. There was a lot description. It entertains me how Alice sort "plays" and "experiments" with her vampire-ways, in at least the slightest form. That poor night watch men...and Alice saw it coming and was scared of it. As soon as she picked up the clothes, I remember her vision. As clearly as if I had it. I had a feeling I knew what was coming. And that's the majesty of it. Letting the reader get their own ideas. Metacognition is hard to do in this story, because you just want to keep reading and living through this character...fore her life and what's happening to her is far more fascinating and wonderful than anything. Sorry, dramatic moment.
And that leads me to the question, would you like to live forever as a vampire? Why or why not?

Read the Origins: Alice here.
Peace Love Twilight

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