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Monday, September 7, 2009

I *Heart* Gossip, But Come On Guys...

I love gossip as much as the next obsessed twilight fan, but come on ladies--and gentlemen. The farthest I can go in believing the mythical tabloids is the Robsten rumors. I can't go past that point, and may I just say that this rumor is WAY past that point.
Minogue and an all star cast in new British movie Vauxhall Crossed, which is about an MI6 agent and an American Agent who join forces to catch a psychotic SAS Officer trafficking human organs.
Okay, right away that sounds like a movie I would never see. But then this came along:
It had been claimed that the Twilight star, 23, would join. The flick — directed by Peter Pedrero, who did stunts in both Harry Potter films featuring Pattinson — is scheduled to be released in 2010.
And then we got the good old confirmation that proved this garbage, to be, well, in fact garbage.
But the hunky Brit isn’t involved in the project.When asked whether Pattinson was doing Vauxhall Crossed, his rep said, “No.”

We know Robert Pattinson can be a little out there sometimes, but guys...

Thanks RobbySnatchoutSpy!
Source: Showbiz Spy
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