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Saturday, July 18, 2009

15 Things About Robert Pattinson

15 things about Robert Pattinson. A list anyone would like to read. Some of it does remind me of Rob, even though the information has only just now been brought to my sight.
Here’s a snippet:
2. Like the rest of the cast, Pattinson’s canvas director’s chair had his character’s name (that would be “Edward Cullen”) embroidered on the backrest. On Robert’s chair, however, “Edward Cullen” was covered with yellow tape, on which “ROBERT” was written in bold black marker. Seems our fantasy boy likes to keep things "real."
3. I watched Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Robert film a scene in the Volturi lair. During this dramatic play-by-play, Robert wears an ankle-length maroon cloak very bathrobe in its design. It appeared to be velvet, but I couldn’t get close enough to touch him. It. I mean it.
4. Edward’s presence in the novel as a disembodied voice in Bella’s head clearly wouldn’t do for fans hungry for some larger-than-life RPattz on the big screen. The filmmakers recognized that a largely Pattinson-less New Moon would do little to satisfy fans; therefore, Edward appears to Bella in vision form. Sexy, sexy vision form.

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Source: Twilight Moonlighter

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