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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Posts So Far...

I always knew people around the world worked hard, but in the blog world I didn't have much of a clue. All that I knew is somehow normal people, like the person on TwiCrack, somehow found time in their day to get at least 12 posts in a day. I had to work to get 37 (I think thats the number now) in a day. I was ready to quit at 6. Really, it's not as easy as you think blogging and keeping yourself in one range in one subject. For example, I was exciting to get 100 posts in a month, but the girl at Twilight gets that in 8-9 days.
I'm very proud of myself.
In this week TwiCrack had blogged 61 posts. And I believe that I got around 50 posts in, so to even be that close to competing with TwiCrack, even for this one week, is pretty darn cool. And, I'm not gonna lie, these kind of things get my a lot of visitors for my blog. :D

Thank you all my loyal readers!
About 3 hours left of non-stop blogging that I hope you enjoy.
Peace Love Twilight

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