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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Breaking Dawn Filming Rumor(s)

The TWILIGHT franchise is moving at rapid pace. Members of the TWILIGHT and NEW MOON cast, have confirmed that the fourth installment in the franchise, BREAKING DAWN, will begin filming sooner than expected. The film's stars, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, and Billy Burke, have all made mention to a couple media outlets, that the fourth film will start filming immediately after the third film, ECLIPSE wraps up shooting.
ECLIPSE starts shooting later this summer, so it's realistic to think that BREAKING DAWN could get pre-production going sometime next year. Obviously, the studio is not too concerned how the films will perform at the box office. So green-lighting these sequels, is not a huge risk, due to the massive success and constant Internet searches pertaining to TWILIGHT. Pattinson, did mention to reporters at Cannes film festival, that he did sign on for a fourth film based on the popular novels. Kristen Stewart is rumored to be locked up for the film as well.
The TWILIGHT producers are definitely striking while the iron is white-hot. The only element, they have to be concerned with is director's schedules. This usually becomes a hurdle when trying to pump out a franchise into theatres this quickly. However, expect the TWILIGHT-mania to continue for the next few years and make it's mark at the box office...and Google searches.

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