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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Catherine Hardwicke's Life After Twilight

Here's an interview from Reuters that I absolutley couldn't stop reading:

Q: Your previous films centered on vampires, skateboarders, biblical figures and students. The "The Nativity Story" spoke to Reuters about connecting with teecommon denominator is the main characters are all teenagers. Why is that?
It's definitely a time in everybody's life that's extremely memorable, painful and exiting. It's one of our most dramatic times where we suddenly grow breasts or hair on our chest. We are able to kiss a boy or a girl and drive a car, drink and figure out who we are as a person and where we fit in the world. Great dramatic material happens in a coming of age story and there are so many possibilities. Plus teenagers are also the people who will actually get up off their couches and go to a movie theater.

Q: You obviously have a knack for dealing with teens.
A: I have to say.I respect all the teenagers I work with and feel that everything they have to say is just as valuable as anything My first movie was written with a 13-year-old girl (Nikki Reed on "Thirteen"). It was about her life so she knew more about that than I did. We can learn from everybody.

Q: "Twilight" cost $37 million and made nearly $382 million worldwide. Do you feel pressure to top yourself?
A: I don't think that's possible, and I don't think that's a healthy way to think. "Twilight" was a phenomenon -- the stars just aligned on that film. Thank God (director) Ridley Scott didn't stop after "Blade Runner." He made "Thelma and Louise" and "Gladiator" and a million other interesting movies. I still want to make other good films that won't lose money.

Q: How have things changed for you since "Twilight"?
A: Right now I can say in a meeting: 'Well on 'Twilight' this is how we did it and this is how we made it work.' And people go, 'Oh wow, that movie made money.' They listen to me a little bit more than before.

Read the rest here.

Peace Love Twilight

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