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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Bad Of Twilight

How Twilight has changed the world is something that has yet to be shared, but for my non-stop blogging I am going to write about why Twilight might not have a positive influence of it's readers.

Twilight may not have a positive influence on it's readers because, as much as we would like to believe they share women's independance and the need for it, the don't. Bella falls in love with Edward-girl falls in love with boy-Cinderella falls in love with Prince Charming. I had some strong opinions about Cinderella and Snow White before Twilight came out. Always I told myself you don't need a man to be complete, and yet these young women would remain helpless against the evil step-mother. I realize they might be under 18 and it may be a little older in times, but I will always have some disrespect for Disney because of how he makes women the prize and Prince Charming the savior. I dropped that opinion, however, when Twilight came out. I thought Bella was perfect for Edward, they were beyond sole-mates, Edward was beyond Bella, he was perfect. I would've fallen pray to Edward just like Bella. But, now that I'm months past reading the saga, I realize that this includes no women independance. It's just like Cinderella and Prince Charming. Except now, the boys a vampire stalker trying to keep Bella safe but get's obsessive and has to know where she's at and what she's doing. You would say Edward is just doing that to protect Bella...that's true. But, Edward becomes obsessed with Bella and can't stop thinking about her. New Moon was a mistake but also what we needed...and yes I did cry when Edward left, but that's not the point. Edward really loved Bella and was able to see that he was bad for her, but when he left, it was as if he didn't love her. Then Bella welcomes him back into her life and Edward is still beating himself up about leaving and not being good for. After telling he loves her and they'll be together as long as she wants him, he leaves with no emotion at all. If he's going to stay and he says he is, he needs to. If he says he's going to leave and never come back, he needs to. But you would argue, he was trying to kill himself and Bella had to do something. But do you here yourself? When we read Twilight, we're so captivated by the wording that it doesn't seem like words anymore:when you read Twilight Saga, you're having your own little movie. But a while after you read the Twilight Saga you'll realize that the book just looks like words on a page again. Somehow, each page means something essential to you, but you're realizing it's just a book. Think about it, Jacob and Bella were sole-mates and he would've protected her and never left. However, because Bella fell in love with Edward--and Edward obsessed with her--they were beyond sole-mates and Jacob's imprint was set in stone:their offspring. If Edward didn't exist, or if it wasn't in Bella's cards to meet him, then Jacob would've imprinted on Bella. And heck, even if she wasn't in love with him when he left, Jacob would've imprinted on her and they would've been happy forever.
Bella is iternally damned to never be respected with Edward...but yet to be loved.

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  1. Oh, don't worry like in the Walt Disney books she gets her wish eventually. You are in for a big surprise.

  2. I know she get her wish, thank you for telling me that. I have little nieces and read them the stories all the time.
    I'm sorry if my readers got confused by what I was trying to say. I was trying to say that it's a bad thing on the women's reputation in trying to be equal to men. Fairytales downed us to having to be rescued my Princes to mean anything...and some in opinion believe Twilight casts that spell on readers.

    I apoligize for confusion.
    -Princess Twilight