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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Upcoming Twilighter's Blog Event

In case you haven't been checking out the sidebar with all the things coming to Twilighter's Blog, and even if you have, here is an overview of what's coming up:

July 15th Be Ready For The Twilighter's Blog Make-Over! A new banner has been chosen and a new layout will be applied. I hope you will like the new organization.
August 10th Honoring 100 Days left until New Moon I will take on 100 posts in a day. Which will include the long-awaited list of why Twilight will save the world
And every Friday we have New Moon audio book parts so that we can re-read New Moon together, so that way we will be finished right before the movie comes out.
Every Saturday I share some of my fan fiction or I will find some fanfictions that others have wrote and share/review those.
Every other Saturday I will have biographies of a Twilight star.

I am very excited for the transformation on Twilighter's Blog, and I hope you are too! But in order to not ruin the suprise I ask you not to get on my blog 10:15-11:30 pacific time. That way, when you come back you'll be so shocked and dazzled that all you'll be able to do is stare...or read. Whatever you decide. For the banner that will be posted, I will now announce the winner. Team Switzerland/Gina made Twilighter's Blog a banner using Picknic and that has been chosen as the winner. Come anytime after 11:30 pacific time July 15th to view the banner. Oh, and I will not tell you any details regarding the layout, other than that I will be getting from Leelou blogs.

I hope you're exciting for all that's coming, and I wish that you will stick with me. Got some friends who like Twilight? Introduce them to my blog.
Peace Love Twilight

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