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Monday, July 27, 2009

First Twilight Fan Interview

I interviewed a local obsessed Twilight fan, on the obsession of Twilight, and this is the beginning of our new segment!

Q. How did you become interested in Twilight?
A. My oldest brother and mom both read the whole series and enjoyed it. Soon after, Twilight the movie came out and when we went to see that, I read the series and...I knew that a life consuming obsession was about to take place.

Q. What do you think makes Twilight so addicting?
A. Um, I don't really know what makes Twilight so addicting...It might be because of the romance and the whole "Two Worlds Collide" issue with Edward and Bella...and then later including Jacob. Also, another reason it could be so addicting, is because, well, honestly, who reads one book in a series and then doesn't finish the rest? Ecspecially if it's Twilight! The last reason could be that, so many people are into the series and movies, it is almost like a fashion statement, you know. It is what is "in," you know the "must have." It is the most popular thing, like, ever, so reading the books, being obsessed with the movies and characters, you know, it just might give people something to talk about, whether they really do like Twilight or not...unfortunatly...

Q. Are you one of those crazy insane Twilight fans, or one of those that admires from a distance?
A. Admires from a distance? You've got to be kidding me. I've read all the books, bought the Twilight DVD when it came out at midnight, can quote, like, the whole movie, have already seen the trailer for New Moon, take quotes from the series and have Twilight posters hanging on my walls...what do you think?

Q. Do you think Twilight has had a positive impact on the world? If so, how?
A. Well, sure I think it had a positive impact on the world because, if a bunch of obsessed Twilight little girls (and guys) didn't have something to be obsessed with, what kind of world would this be with no popular obsession? I mean, seriously, if Twilight didn't come out as soon as it did, they'd all still be screaming and crying over the Jonsas Brothers, and who would want that?

Q. If Twilight had a negative impact at all, how does it?
A. A negative, all of, like, twenty percent of Twilight haters would say, yes, negative impact. It is like me and Hannah Montana. I am sick and tired of "Hannah Montana this, and Hannah Montana that." She is EVERYWHERE! Anytime you walk into just about any store, it is almost guarenteed that there are little Hannah eyes on you...But same for Twilight, "Twilight this, Twilight that," same impact though. The Twilight Haters feel the same way about Twilight as I do Hannah Montana. See what I'm saying?

Q. What is I told Stephenie Meyer has made over 1,500,000 dollars?
A. I would believe you. The chick must be loaded, don't know how she couldn't be! Four and a half books that are addicting and totally obsession worthy? Oh yeah, 1,500,000 dollars is right.

Q. What's the biggest way Twilight has changed your life personally?
A. The biggest way it has changed my life is not exactly the obsession, it's my friends'. Honestly, if every single one of my friends were not Twi-Addicts, I don't think it would be as obsessive. Sure, I'd still love it, but I wouldn't have anybody to talk about it with. And that is the best part! So, it has changed my friends the most. Which isn't bad. I love bringing up Twilight conversations!

Q. Can you even remember life before Twilight?
A. Heck no, I can't remember life without Twilight! What kind of question is that? And anyway, I don't try to hard to remember life before Twilight because it just pains me to go through memories without, so...boring.

Q. Did you like reading before the saga?
A. Yeah of course I liked reading before the saga...but reading the series kind of increased my reading level, and the desire to read so much. Goodness, I read so much right now, I just don't know how I couldn't read this much before!

Q. Which book is your favorite? Why?
A. Breaking Dawn, for sure. Breaking Dawn was great because all the big, memorable stuff happens there. (SPOILER ALERT) I mean, the marriage, the baby, and the showdown with the Volturi and what not. It took me longer to read Twilight than it did to read Breaking Dawn even though it is like ten times bigger than Twilight!

Q. What Twilight book are you most excited to see on screen?
A. Breaking Dawn! Duh! Though I am very excited to see Jacob's hot body and him in wold form in New Moon! (laughs)

Q. Team Jacob or Edward? Why?
A. Team Switzerland! I'm both. Edward and Jacob. Or I'm on team: Bella-should-just-go-die-so-I-can-have-Edward-and-Jacob, but that's just me! (laughs) But I can tell you I like Edward NOT Rob Patt, and I like Taylor Lautner NOT Jacob. Make sense?

Q. What's the craziest thing you have done to show your love for Twilight?
A. Oh, gosh. I have ran through my friend's house screaming, "EDWARD! EDWARD, WHERE ARE YOU?!" which was quite hysterical. But like I said, I also went to Wal-Mart as midnight when Twilight came out, and I went with my friends, we ran through the bra section so we could get there first. Oh! But one time there was a life-soze cardboard cut-out of Edward in F.Y.E. in Virginia--where I went on vacation--and I picked him up and walked out the front door! (laughs) But then my friend who was there with me yelled at me to go put him back. There was a big sticker on him that said, "Yes! I'm for sale!" so I got all excited like any obsessed fan, I wanted Edward in my room! I didn't have cash, so I asked my friend if she'd buy it for me as an early birthday present. She didn't.

Interviewer: Princess Twilight
Interviewee: Team Switzerland
Edited By: Princess Twilight
Peace Love Twilight

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