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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Twi-Guy Interviews

Hot Flix interviewed many, and we were darn right spoiled! Not only were Michael Sheen the vampire king interviewed, but they also had interviews with Wyck Godfrey and our hot werewolf, Taylor Lautner.
Snippet from Taylor Lautner’s interview:
Q. Will you try to bulk up even more for 'Eclipse' and put on more weight?
A. Yeah, I am. Jacob continually grows throughout the series, so that means…no matter if I’m doing a film or not, I’m still going to have to put on a little bit more weight.

Q. Do you have a target weight right now?
A. I’m going to try and put on another…I’ll shoot for another ten. We’ll see what I can do, but I’ll be working hard.

Q. What’s the difference between working with Catherine Hardwicke and working with Chris Weitz?
A. They’re both so talented in different ways. What I love about Chris is the set is very calm and we’re just having a lot of fun making the movie. And then you sit back and you look at the results that are happening and it looks amazing so far. I’m so excited to see it. And you just sit back and see what’s going on, and you’re like, 'How are we having such an easygoing, relaxed time making this movie, and it’s turning out the way it is?' At the same time, the conversations with Catherine – she just related to us so well. So does Chris. They’re both talented directors, and I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to work with both of them.

Q. If you could give Jacob, as a werewolf, one more power, what would it be?
A. Oh boy, that’s a tough question. Um…I want to steal one of Edward’s powers, because I like them. But then I’d feel like I’m betraying Jacob if I said that. (Laughs.)

Q. Which one of Edward’s powers would you take?
A. Well, I don’t want to sparkle. Definitely, I don’t want to sparkle. We [wolves] can read minds, though, right? Each others’, but not anybody’s. Ok, well, I’d like to read Bella's.

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