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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogger Speaks Out

TWILIGHT stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become bigger than the parts they play in the film series.
The novels and the first movie portray a powerful and awkward romance, a forbidden love of teenage desires, between schoolgirl Bella Swan and vampire Edward Cullen.
Fans are eagerly awaiting the second movie, New Moon, in November, and we've just heard that the third movie begins filming next month.
But the feeding frenzy of rumour and gossip surrounding the lead stars and their personal lives is now becoming ridiculous and is draining all the life from the series.
The franchise may be about bloodsuckers, but the gossip writers are even greater vampires, feeding on Twilight, Pattinson and Stewart till the rest of us are totally turned off.
It's become a horror story of rampant rumour that is making the franchise seem less and less appealing by the day. Many movie sites are now avoiding Twilight news altogether - and who can blame them.
'Kristen Stewart dating Robert Pattinson' has been the claim by several sites for some time now. 'Kristen Stewart pregnant with Robert Pattinson's child' screamed almost 200 headlines the other day, though she apparently denied it all via Twitter, and then a day or so later it was 'Robert Pattinson has dumped Kristen for his Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin'.
So real life is nothing like the tender romance of the stories. A great message of morality for the teenage fans of the series: get pregnant, get dumped.
Predictably, with a new Potter movie on the horizon, we've heard Pattinson isn't still friends with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. (Pattinson had starred alongside Radcliffe when he played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, reprising the role briefly in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)
And we now hear that Sacha Baron Cohen's ghastly new character Bruno wants to wrap his thighs around the 23-year-old heart-throb. Oh, and in case we cared, Kristen Stewart is flooded with hate mail from Pattinson fans. Apparently. Whatever.
I've watched these ridiculous reports unfold and fly across the internet and I keep hoping it will at least calm down if not stop altogether. In the beginning it was fun and fascinating and even I covered some of the more lightweight Twilight news items earlier on, but now it's just too much.
By the time New Moon comes out, there's a danger we'll all be sick and tired of the Twilight franchise.
I should add that I saw Twilight recently on Blu-ray and really enjoyed it - I will be giving a detailed review of all its strengths and weaknesses shortly, so check back for that.
In the meantime, I'm asking what Twilight fans and other readers think. Have we had enough of this Twilight gossip garbage?

I agree with the article in some for, but will not go into details in how I agree.
Source: Coventry Telegraph
Peace Love Twilight

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