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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jamie Campbell Bower: The Next Big Thing?

We know Twilight and Harry Potter have been neck and neck in the books and in the films. We also know that our British hottie, Robert Pattinson, has been in both the fan-bases. However, this rising star also has his hands in both...could that made JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER the next big thing? E!News thinks so.

He played an evil Volturi vampire in New Moon, and in the new Harry Potter filmed he had a partially big supporting role. An interview tells us that he got very close to Ashley Greene on set of New Moon, but they are not dating. :) They also asked his opinion on Robsten. He shares that fans desperatly want Robert and Kristen to be together, mainly because they are Edward and Bella, but sadly, there is no Robsten [at the moment].

Peace Love Twilight

You know, they--E! News--also said that Jamie Campbell Bower is hot...yeah right! He looks like a chick! Don't you all agree? [No offense to Jamie] And even his name... -Bella

Maybe his parents thought he was a girl! Lol. -PT

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