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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So Does That Make Me A: Volturi-Cullen Girl?

Blood types. Vampires drink blood. Do they have a preference in blood types--like the ones on the hit television series True Blood?
I'll bet the Cullens have a preference--aside from animal blood--lets say Type AB for the Cullens--just because it's different.

Let's say the nomadic vampires--such as James, Victoria, and Laurent--have a preference for Type A--just because it's natural.

Let's say the Volturi clan have a preference for Type B--just because it's different but classic.

Well, what about Type O? I recently found that I am someone who should be donating blood because I have Type O. I think it makes me special! :) However, the doctor told me it was my choice. Because my blood does not run in simple places to retrieve--such as the crease of the elbow and my right wrist--it would be difficult to get ahold of the blood, but, at the same time I have Type O which means it's basically a, "good for everybody," blood. Does that mean I would appeal to vegetarian vampires--like the Cullens, nomadic vampires--like James' clan, and the Volturi--of whom I cannot specify.

Peace Love Twilight
I don't know my blood type, but I think I'm a Cullen girl. Lol! -TS
I'm an evil vampire! Dundundun! Lol! -Bella

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