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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is exactly what I'm talking about. This is what happened post-MTV-Awards, during MTV Awards, this is what's happening for Comic-Con. Everyone just gets so excited and jumpy for Comic-Con that either: A) they end up going and blowing money B) they end up streaming and blogging OR THE MOST COMMON HAPPENING: C)People go crazy and blog about nothing. I mean, a picture of Rob at comic-con deserving it's own post? Get real. Why can't they put pictures in one post, videos in seperate posts, and blogging seperatly? It makes it all more organized and enjoyable.
Now, as for my prediction of reuniting Rob and Kristen. It was a little over-exagerated, however, they are obviously shining to be together. Kristen is shy in front of Rob, and do you see the way she fidgets ever time he talks? Kristen is a very shy girl and got even more bashful around Rob in that first video. Taylor is jsut sitting in the middle, and I couldn't even imagine how much tension he's got in that seat. Rob is, as always, interested in everything Kristen does. When she's taking off her jacket his head immediatly snap and is curious on what she's doing. Rob looks at Kristen when she's talking, smiles when she screws up, and is still talking in that hot British accent. I honestly forgot how his accent sounds after hearing him speak, 'Edward Cullen,' everyday and night. Even in Never Think and Let Me Sign you can't tell he has the accent. It's so sad :(. But, anyway, body language always speaks for itself. Whether you know how you feel or not, whether you are trying to hide it or not the body language will never fail. Like, for example, if you watched the early video of picture taking, she was uncomfortable with Taylor soley in front of the camera, but then leaned all over Rob and got all cute. Rob's signs are obvious: fidgeting, looking, laughing.
Gosh people. Read body-language.

Peace Love Twilight

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